3 Criteria of Humane Technology


Reading again this topic , I think this a great first step to emerge with a solid and real CHT Forum project

Yes , I can imagine we could collectively create , as @Mamie said and I’m only want to propose some `project structure

  1. I think we need first the framework/general criteria
  2. Then the principles of humane design
  3. After that, the indicators that let evaluate if a tech design can be considered humane
  4. Finally we can describe levels ( i think 4) of humane design quality

I think in all this material in a not large presentation , that make it possible to be clear even for kids.
With all this presentation , we give power and make it possible the necesary freedom to choose within an environment that assurance

  • Transparency
  • Opt-out
  • Terms of service

In consecquence we will able to offer this public CHT service

a) Before bying a product , the user can evaluate humane design quality
b) Make media advertisements based on this tools
c) We can train kids in schools in evaluating products from the point of view of humane design
d) Even more, we can public certify products with the humane design standards , and in this way we launch CHT as consulting group of training, evaluation and certiiifcation

I think that we have right now the 1rst and 2 nd point of the project structure here in the forum
We need to create based on 1 and 2 points , the 3erd and the number 4

If we arrive at that point of collaboration we’ii be in conditions to offer services to assurance humane technology from CHT to everybody

What do you think ?


I like the focus on agency. If tech is more transparent, easy to say no to, and easy to understand, people have more power to chose how they engage with it. Clearly, “inhumane” tech is designed to be opaque, addictive, and with confusing terms of service. So, maybe humane tech is more like a decent human, a person who we’d want to spend time with. We prefer relationships where there is clarity around expectations, boundaries, and values. Relationships with the opposite qualities are quite toxic, so of course tech with those qualities is toxic as well. Maybe a way to assess a technology’s “humane-ness” is to ask, “If this was a person, and these were the rules of how this person behaved in relationships, would I want to be this person’s friend?”