2019 Community Reorganization

I dedicate this topic on finding out an intuitive reorganisation along the lines of our new vision, mission and principles, and putting the Pyramid model into play.

For reference the principles summary and pyramid model is available in th github ideation repository:

And in the pinned forum announcement:

Current organization

This is a Wiki Post representing current structure, rationale behind it, and retrospective remarks.


  • Prefered by CHT because of strategic + awareness focus as main community themes

    • The main categories represent strategic pillars
  • The subcategories under strategic pillars represent focus areas / breakdown of HT

  • Community commons groups community-related activities

  • Time Well Spent as familiar term refers back to TWS movement

    • Allows people to advertise their HT wares, receive rigorous feedback


Pillar - Awareness (Cultural awakening)

- Wellbeing
- Relationships
- Privacy
- Children
- Projects & campaigns ---> (new topics need moderator approval)


  • Projects & campaigns is exclusively for community-driven initiatives


  • Relationships is unclear in its exact meaning
  • Wellbeing too large in scope, could have e.g. mental + physical health posed separately
  • Projects & campaigns not clear what its for, or that new topics need moderator approval
  • Subcategories are missing, e.g. Privacy invasion has a reason —> advertising, etc.

Pillar - Advocacy (Public / political pressure)

- Projects & Campaigns ---> (new topics need moderator approval)


  • We still focus on creating Public pressure, but leave advocating / political pressure to CHT
  • We have no projects or campaigns in this category at all at the moment (some ideas exist, though)

Pillar - Engagement (Involve employees / the workfloor)

- (no subcategories)


  • We want to involve technologists to help creating solutions, but the pillar will be driven by CHT

Pillar - Humane Design (Application of HT)

- Defining Humane Technology
- Ethics
- Exemplars


  • Defining HT subcategory leads to endless discussion to redefine us
  • Ethics was added late. It is an important subject, and pervasive throughout all HT areas
  • Exemplars is unclearly defined, we might just drop this, and turn into a community website section

Community Commons

- Community principles
- Announcements
- Events & Meetups
- Help Wanted
- Introductions


  • Community principles needs no subcategory. It should an easy-to-find document somewhere
  • Help Wanted is unclear … members asking help, job postings, community contributions needed?
  • Introductions is not needed as subcategory, it basically consists of a single topic

Time Well Spent

- Your Apps & Tools
- News Digest
- Recommended Reading


  • TWS meaning is unclear. We might redefine as time well spent on community-building
  • Your Apps & Tools is good for HT advertisements, but ‘brutal’ feedback aspect needs more explaining
  • News Digest can be removed, we can’t keep up with this anyway
  • Recommended Reading is unclear, we need to solve this differently (e.g. community website + bookclub)

Strategy & requirements

This is a wiki post to discuss strategic considerations and derive requirements for the forum reorganization.


Core strategies:

  1. Awareness: Raise awareness —> objective: to trigger a cultural awakening
  2. Solutions: Promote / implement humane technology —> objective: ubiquitous adoption
  3. Partnering: Strategic partners, HTC as intermediary, strengthen field —> objective: divide and conquer

Secondary strategies:

  • Build adoption levels / compliance criteria for each pyramid separately (i.e. pyramid building)
    • To be further elaborated individually, strategies depend on focus area

Community strategies:

  • Participation is fun and rewarding. fun —> philosophy, rewarding —> methodology (track rewards)


  • Notes:

    • There can be many stakeholders, but their needs are addressed based on priority.
    • We’ll add more detail later, and address stakeholders roles + needs more clearly
  • Audience and Stakeholders are entirely different concepts

    • Audience is humanity, mankind, everyone —> ‘everyone’ is not part of the community
    • Stakeholders include every person who promotes humane technology
  • Grouped by strategy: 2 groups based on our core strategies, awareness and solutions

    • Activists —> stakeholders that help raise awareness
    • Builders —> stakeholders that help create / improve solutions (synonym at CHT: Technologists)
  • Focus on partnering: create a Partnership Program to manage partner relations strategically

    • Partners ----> stakeholders part of partnership program, ‘on the same path’, ‘helping out’


Name Description Role(s)
Campaigners Anyone who helps spread our message promote, PR, activate, onboarding
Parents Acting from concern for their kids, parenting inform, educate, promote, feedback
Children Next generation, those more aware than peers inform, promote, feedback
Educators Teachers, trainers, HT practicioners participate, delegate, advise, feedback
Students Pupils, students, scholars, participate, activate, promote, feedback
Professionals Marketers, designers, artists, editors, etc… contribute, delegate, sponsor, advise
Influencers Celebrities, authorities, social media influencers promote, PR, activate, onboarding
Media Journalists, writers, TV- / video-producers promote, PR


Name Description Role(s)
Community Team Those working for HTC in ‘official’ roles organize
Leaders Management skills, visionaries, architects
Developers Software builders, all IT roles
Technologists Techies in any field (incl. developers)
Designers Graphics design, UX, artists, animators, …
Researchers Scientists, PhD’s in HT-related fields
Documenters Those well-skilled writing manuals, tutorials
Maintainers Those willing to spend time keeping order



  • First draft, indicative. There are many ways to cut partnership relations.
  • Partners are not community members, but individuals can be.
Name Description Role(s)
Communities Like-minded groups w/ overlap in HT field cooperate, delegate
Nonprofits NGO’s, nonprofits, foundation in HT field
Businesses Commercial entities in HT-related fields
Advisors Experts, consultants, think tanks, authorities
Sponsors Those contributing financially, includes donors TBD
Facilitators Those bringing in non-financial resources

Forum requirements

  • Limited number of categories + subcategories (otherwise clutters dropdown menu, confuses)
  • Clarity of meaning of all names used
  • Clear and concise descriptions
    • categories —> small paragraph (for display in landing page)
    • Subcategories —> single line of text (for display in dropdown menu)


Add proposals here. Prefix with a username mention

New Organization

This is a wiki post to outline the new forum structure we’ll create as part of reorganization efforts.


  • The Pyramids of Humane Technology is the framework upon which the community is based

    • The compound pyramid model above shows that each pyramid closely depends on others
  • Individual pyramids (focus areas) serve in the breakdown structure to divide into focus groups

    • The four pyramids of Humane Technology are represented as main forum categories
    • Stakeholders will work with the pyramid that has most appeal to their interest and expertise
  • The Harms of Technology are represented as a separate main category

    • Separate the postiive from the negative, the solutions from the harms




No. Subcategory Level Description
1. Transparency access
2. Inclusion access
3. Civility access
4. Digital Rights protection
5. Privacy protection
6. Trust protection



No. Subcategory Level Description
7. Physical health health
8. Mental health health
9. Parenting harmony
10. Diversity harmony
11. Sociability harmony
12. Mindfulness harmony

Note: Consider adding ‘Happiness’ sweet spot as separate subcategory.



No. Subcategory Level Description
13. Ethics discovery
14. Humane design discovery
15. Sustainable business discovery
16. Open standards adoption
17. Governance adoption
18. Decentralization adoption



No. Subcategory Description
19. Alignment
20. Society
21. Wellbeing
22. Freedom



No. Subcategory Description
23. Awareness
24. Solutions
25. Education
26. Research
27. Parners



No. Subcategory Description
28. Roadmap & vision
29. Announcements
30. Events & meetups
31. Judge My App
32. I Need Help
33. Feedback



Note: Moved this pyramid last in the row temporarily, as it is not yet well defined…

- Collaboration
- Growth
- Innovation
- Evolution
No. Level Subcategory Description