What does it mean to be humane?



My perception is that we talk about “humane technology”, we are always talking about the good features of being human, not the evil ones. We are considering that the humane technology should create tools that allow us to be more friendly, more empathic, more closely inter-connected, but respecting people in front of you; putting technology to serve us and not to be served by us.

Taking care of the humanity, but again considering humanity partially, just looking into the good part of the humanity. I mean that we are considering that humanity is like Star Trek perception of humanity: they work for common goals, they respect each other, they try to find common points in very diverse kind of people.

But that is not exactly human, and not exactly the definition of humanity, because if we think in facts, human aditionally are selfish, people don’t sometimes respect to the rest of the people, people do have bad habits, bad emotions, sufferings and make others to suffer.

For me is curious how we are trying to trick ourselves when we say “humane technology”. However I fully agree with the perception of the goal of a “humane technology”, but maybe a better term would be “humanistic technology”.


Usually a more humane behavior of a person is a behavior that makes him/her closer to other people, stimulating empathy. In this sense I mean “humane technology “.