Unlearning Technology

We are each collection of our accumulated knowledge and experience. We started out as microscopic eggs, knowing nothing and never having any experiences. Over time we learned and experienced many things which shaped our paths in life and the very nature of our existence.

There are some things about our accumulated knowledge and experience, which we call ourselves, which we’ve grown to dislike. We naturally seek to fix these things, to rewire our brains and bodies. We begin asking questions about our symbiotic lifelong relationship with technology and media, and how they have shaped this thing we call ourselves.

We come to this community seeking answers on how we can move forward, because we realise that technology and media has shaped the very fabric of our own minds and bodies. Yet rarely do we realise that in order to change, it could be helpful to move backwards.

Unlearning is the process of destroying our acquired knowledge and abilities, deconstructing ourselves and our existence.

Imagine unlearning all of our abilities and experience with technology, or even all of media and education, rolling back the time. As we go back, we forget how to use on a computer, high school mathematics and science, and even how to read. Our eyes eventually lose their ability to adapt to looking at odd glowing rectangles.

These are the things we have learned and assimilated into ourselves, that run so deep that we become blind to their very existence.

It is by undoing ourselves we start to understand our very nature. We are a collection of accumulated knowledge and experience. In order to change we must unlearn.