Tomorrow 25th of May is GDPR D-Day! Give your consent wisely..

You may all have noticed the many changes that tech companies and websites have made to their Privacy Policies. For many of you - especially outside of the EU - this may be just as nagging as the cookie consents pages that resulted from earlier regulation in the EU.

But the GDPR changes are good for user/consumer privacy in general. For people inside of the EU there is reason to pay extra attention to the notifications and emails you receive that are asking your consent!

Act wisely before you give your consent!

It is very easy to accept and consent to the notifications you receive. But now is the time to reconsider whether or not having access to sites or receiving email newsletters and the like is really valuable to you.

Once consent is given, it may be harder to undo that if you’d like to later.

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Makes me aware of things… and I just found a cool GDPR Shaming site. Look at the Oath/Yahoo dark patterns here:

I can quite easily contact any small company and ask them to respect my GDPR rights of do not track and delete all my information. No problem.

How can I contact Google to force them to respect my GDPR rights?

GDPR mayhem: Programmatic ad buying plummets in Europe
“Since the early hours of May 25, ad exchanges have seen European ad demand volumes plummet between 25 and 40 percent”

It’s here! The winners and losers of GDPR

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“Before the law went into effect, European advertisers sent about half of their marketing money through DBM [DoubleClick Bid Manager] to Google, according to AppNexus. On Friday, day 1 for GDPR, about 95 percent went to Google”

“Google is effectively putting a gun against publishers’ heads. This is a flagrant abuse of their dominant position.”

“Some in the industry have worried for months that GDPR would inadvertently help Google and Facebook Inc. box out rivals further. The two control more than three-quarters of digital advertising.”

Due to GDPR “most advertisers will have no choice but to continue using Google and Facebook.”