This movement needs an iconic product


I created a mockup for a better product label and price tag that ensures your time is well spent.
product label with Time Value Accounting metrics.

Dried Alpine Veggie Chips,
6.0 oz
1 hr munching @ 200% satisfaction
275 calories/ satisfaction hour
0.25 (carbon footprints/hour of consumption) cost to produce
Contains 0.5 lifetime expectancy minutes @140% quality
Crowdsource polls and public adjudication at URL

Along with this we have the product price tag fix for using Time Value accounting.

Cost is $4.00
OR alternative price (2 + 0.1 hour) convert hours to dollars at your individual /hr rate and verify with form and pay-stub.

The result of this is that people pay based on how much their time is worth and how much value they get for the time. More info and complete poof of profitabile business model at …
hOEP (hOurs Equals Price) dining menu page with analytics @ permalink =


This is my best effort to date for Humane Technology from a successful Kickstarter last year.

The idea is to create distraction-free ‘spaces for humanity’. Instead of relying on will power, we have baked the idea of disconnecting into the smart home/office.


Always looking for human tech developers for collaboration.


Hi Jamie,

That sounds that an amazing product! I’d love to learn more about it. Do you have a website where I could read more or do you have additional information you could give me?



I audaciously and humbly submit Validbook as a candidate to become an iconic product for the Humane Design movement.

More about Validbook.
Discussion about Validbook (long better read from the bottom up).


I’m looking for a phone that can install certain applications like whatsapp (only to send and receive texts), calendars, google maps, but with electronic ink screen, something like the Punkt phone. It would be a good invention!


I’m writing to tell you all about Resistor Case. .
It’s a DIY smartphone case made of upcycled fabric and rivets, and its secret is a VERY loud velcro enclosure. I developed it in the Critical Media Lab after years of research on critical making and “digital abstinence.” Resistor Case is usually fabricated as part of a workshop that encourages careful and critical thinking about the role of technology in our lives. I initially designed it for high school classrooms, but it’s also great for board rooms, the dinner table, the nightstand, the car, and sidewalks.

You can read more about it in my article for The Atlantic:

And also in this piece in the Globe and Mail:

What matters with Resistor Case is that you make it yourself. The fabrication is a sign that you are willing to make a change, to you use your hands (and a hammer) for something other than pressing buttons. Resistor Case provides an embodied experience designed to provoke change.

This is not an ad for an accessory. Resistor Case is part of a larger research project that involves media theory, cognitive science, and other disciplines. I was inspired to create it after doing research on how Yondr has been implemented (with moderate success) in classrooms (

I have written too much here already. I just want to suggest that Resistor Case could be a great iconic product, an activity and a movement that could showcase and promote new digital habits. I call them digital rituals.

Thank you for your attention. My motto is “Don’t pay attention – MAKE attention” (in French, we say “faire” attention, which translates literally as “make attention,” which takes attention out of the stream of financial transaction).


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