The Rise of Ethical Advertising

(This is a follow-up to old topic Humane advertising - ethical and mutual-beneficial: It is possible !)

There’s an increasing trend of businesses that practice Ethical Advertising.

What is Ethical Advertising?

Ethical ads respect users while still providing value to advertisers. The most important parts are:

  • Ethical advertising doesn’t track you. This means no permanent advertising cookies and no indefinite storage of personal information.
  • Companies doing ethical advertising should make money showing ads, not selling user data, so their interests are fully aligned.
  • Ethical ads should target users based on what they’re currently browsing, not past browsing history.

This definition was taken from the website of Ethical Ads who are known from their “Read the Docs” developer documentation product. Their ads also target developers exclusively.

(I’ll consider this site for inclusion on delightful-funding)

Another example of a business doing ethical ads is DuckDuckGo search engine, and alternative to Google Search (and my primary search engine I use daily). Ads are based on search queries, and don’t need tracking and PII collection.

This thread is for discussing Ethical Advertising, and to collect more informatin and best-practices on the topic.