Suggestions for improvement to the community forum



Hi Arnold , I will be shorter than in the emails.

1-The closer in time , is that I will be in San Francisco, in a Union Square Hotel , from December 21 th to January 4 th . I will share Christmas with friends of mine in El Cerrito, in the SF Bay Area.

So I would like to kwow people of the CHT Team, only to share some words , to know the place , to know the faces of people that create this great movement in which we are involved. Participating from February ir would be great for me to know them . Surely, it will motivate me a lot

2- The second point is how to interest people here in my country , where I am the only man in CHT
I have some ideas , and I am talking with people . But next year I will take this like a goal , and I will report you results.


Hi Alfredo,

Unfortunately I’m not living in SF, but in The Netherlands. Technically also not part of CHT, but HTC. My contact is mostly digital as well :slight_smile:

Why don’t you invite your friends and other interested people to become members of our community?