Suggestions for improvement to the community forum



Hi Arnold , I will be shorter than in the emails.

1-The closer in time , is that I will be in San Francisco, in a Union Square Hotel , from December 21 th to January 4 th . I will share Christmas with friends of mine in El Cerrito, in the SF Bay Area.

So I would like to kwow people of the CHT Team, only to share some words , to know the place , to know the faces of people that create this great movement in which we are involved. Participating from February ir would be great for me to know them . Surely, it will motivate me a lot

2- The second point is how to interest people here in my country , where I am the only man in CHT
I have some ideas , and I am talking with people . But next year I will take this like a goal , and I will report you results.


Hi Alfredo,

Unfortunately I’m not living in SF, but in The Netherlands. Technically also not part of CHT, but HTC. My contact is mostly digital as well :slight_smile:

Why don’t you invite your friends and other interested people to become members of our community?


Soooo, strictly speaking having spent a lot of time stuydying on “Vanity Stats” which is the polite term for social media based on not transparent and destructive principles, is there a way to apply some of those ideas in how this forum is being developed.

Already, we seem to be bringing in several less-than-transparent ideas here.

  • What is a “heart” mean?
  • Why are we rewarding that?
  • What do the badges stand for?
  • Why does “most responded” mean more than those that are less responded.

Maybe how we develop our own community could be an example.

Take a look at this network for those with long term conditions.

It’s social tags are based on fungible qualitative terms like Stable, Aware and Frustrated. They can be tested, disclosed and studied by society.

Is there a way we can wrap that kind of rigor into this organization? I am super happy to do that work. And share my research.

Sorry if I am trashing somebody’s work. The overall experience is so awesome.


A better social network (inspiration, research, opinions?)

I see what you are saying @patm. What about an icon that says “I’m thinking about this”. The icon can be a Michelangelo deep thinker statue. Shows interest, but not necessarily agreeing with what is said at that time. What do you think @aschrijver, @patm?


I like the idea, healthyswimmer!


I replied this elsewhere on the forum several times. There is no such facility in the Discourse software to do that. I think the only thing possible is change the heart with e.g. a thumbsup. But then I like a heart better :slight_smile:
Note that Github does have this functionality.


@aschrijver we may explain this in our statement of our forum. “A reminder, we are grassroots and don’t have control over every little detail”.

My daughter is a swimmer- and at some swim meets we get slightly annoyed over the facilities- small locker room- no pool deck view space not enough competition lanes etc. the fact of the matter always comes to this- some communities lose their breaking down pool due to funding issues- so the moral is- we are grateful to have a pool to compete in and we’ll make the best of it. We are grateful for this forum is the mantra.

We need to be strong, and remind people our goal- we are grassroots and are grateful for their engagement- and welcome them to let go of the little things we can’t control;)


Yes, a Q&A entry in our FAQ will serve this well i.e. here: Help draft our Community FAQ (Editable Wiki Post)