Suggestions for improvement to the community forum

@metasj, I would love pinned topics to stay pinned even after I visit them, and not automatically unpin. Then I can click the Unpin button if I’d like to, while now I have to remind myself after every visit to a topic to re-Pin it.

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The pinning behaviour of the forum has been changed:

  • Pinned topics stay pinned, unless you explicitly unpin them, and no longer automatically when you reach the bottom of the topic thread
  • Pinned topics do not show an excerpt of the topic anymore to save space. The title should be sufficiently descriptive

Like your ideas and practices @anon76657042. But wouldn’t it be best just not to have a smartphone? Think of the money, time, and energy you would save. @PatMc and I have written about smartphone use on his blog The Low Tech Trek.

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Can there be a glossary for non techies- BTW- what’s a wiki?

From the mother of all wiki’s:


Please also incorporate the suggestions I made.

This is a feature that Github has, where you can give a thumbsup, thumbsdown, heart and a couple more emoji’s on a post. I don’t know whether Discourse offers this at well. Would be a good addition, and something to investigate.

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Thanks, @aschrijver . I suggest neutral icons: checkmark or eye to indicate a post or comment has been read, for example. The thumbsup and thumbsdown can be read the wrong way. We don’t want to inadvertently encourage competition among members—or discourage people from sharing their thoughts.

I just found that the Retort plugin would allow to select from a pre-defined set of emoji, instead of a single heart-shaped Like: Here is an example demonstrating its use

Edit: Oh, this plugin cannot be installed on a hosted Discourse forum. That’s a pity, because it means that not many customisations are possible :frowning:

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Let’s hope there will be a discourse update with that feature.

Wow, the forum looks great. Wonderful job, @metasj @aschrijver @mamie and @max :sunny:

Oh thank you @patm. Just getting started. Figuring out the right blueprint, and it will take all of us to get it to a great place! More about that soon. :slight_smile:

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Many thanks to everyone involved :heart_eyes:.

Re the readings list: it is great but so long. Does Discourse have a form feature? If so, I recommend we have a form for posting to the list. Here is a modified bibliographic style for annotated entries:

  • Author last name.
  • Author first name.
  • Title (in itatlics).
  • Subtitle (in italics).
  • Annotation (50 words max).
  • Link (one only).

An entry would look like this:

Turkle, Sherry. Alone Together: Why We Expect More from Technology and Less from Each Other. MIT researcher and psychologist Turkle reports the results of hundreds of interviews with subjects ranging from preschoolers to senior citizens; includes discussion of robotics. Link

I think the reading list is a candidate for transfer to the wiki once we get to that. The forum is not a good tool for collecting lists of any kind and present them in ways that are still navigatable.

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Agreed – anyone interested can make a wiki page for that list at any time :slight_smile:

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Let’s just close this board and the whole project, because it’s dead. And its fault of owners and moderators. Or it was idea from the beginning, make bad outdated design and boring forum. if yes, then we can congratulate “you”, the idea was successful.

@Georgy I respectfully disagree acknowledging your frustration.

Many of us are exploring our own relationships with technology now and that will draw people away from the forum at times.

There are timeless ideas here that can be developed over time.

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Reading again all ideas posted in this topic , I think that we begun writing about how to improve the community forum , but then conversation turn into a a) very interesting points about how to better use your smarphone (considerating the very useful suggestions offered by CHT Team in the Take Control page) and b) to propose creative new design as @patm introduced in her post wrote down as 24/35 in this topic.

So, I consider that all the posts that had included a) and b) suggestions, could be moved to more specific topics. In that case we’re be able to keep on developing new creative ideas based on what was said here.

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Thank you for bringing these things up, Alfredo. Good to refresh the discussion.

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Hey everyone!

This just popped up for me:


I realize that there’s a time & place for notifications, but my first thought was… frankly… wtf?! :stuck_out_tongue: That “show notifications” box haunts us all across the web, and it always freaks/bums me out. It’s an immediate, non-negotiable “block” as far as I’m concerned.

I love this: “Our community will be an exemplar of Humane Technology

I’d love to know exactly if/when/how there will be a deeper exploration about specifically what does a more “humane” forum even look like? I may have missed it but I haven’t seen or read anything about that here yet.

And along those lines, what about the incentive system that drives this forum? Do we want to reward people for posting a lot? (Is that inherently good?) From a metrics perspective, is the goal here to get more people more engaged? More people commenting? More daily active users? Or are we striving for something else entirely? Enlightenment, wisdom, community - something else? And how do we measure our way there?

To humanity!
And with love,

Hi @loundy!

(I have moved your post from Community position statement, contribution guidelines, forum improvements to this - more appropriate - location)

On the forum we’ve had similar discussion a number of times in the past (e.g. “Why does this forum have Like buttons and Likes?”).

The answer is: We are an exemplar of Humane Tech practice, but we are also a ‘place of action’, a workplace, if you will. So, for instance, the Likes are there to show you agree, rather than posting an “I like that comment” and making the thread too long, didn’t read (TL;DR).

This notification thing is a bit different in that this type of notification is not strictly necessary, but it can be handy if you are involved in many discussions and tasks (I do not use it, but am very happy with the small notification icon in the top-right corner above my avatar that shows forum activity).

This feature stems from the Discourse software and built-in browser capabilities. I don’t think it can be disabled in forum settings. But you could ask a question about it in Forum Meta or file a feature request there. If there is such setting you can notify me, and we can consider changes (we are a crowdsourced community, and everyone is a volunteer, including me).

Note however - and also for others asking similar questions - this forum is not an exemplar of Time Well Spent (i.e. will not have grayscale UI, be rid of Likes, notify of time spent, etc.). But the community at large will be an exemplar of Humane Technology :slight_smile: