Sovereignty Enabling Technologies and Humane Design - two sides of the same coin

I would like to draw the attention of W3C Credentials Community Group ( and Humane Tech Community Forum ( about the existence of each other and about the affinity between their ideas.

Humane Tech Forum discusses Humane Design.
Humane Design is about designing products that have more privacy, less notifications, less unnecessary engagement, less addiction, less envy spirals. Its about creating ethical products that view their users as humans, not as sources of revenue. It about bringing more long term happiness into humans lives.

Credentials Community Group works on Sovereignty Enabling Technologies (such as specifications for Decentralized Identifiers, Verifiable Credentials).
Sovereignty Enabling Technologies is about giving humans more privacy, more security, more control over their digital assets. It is about creating Self-Sovereign Identities that no one can delete or do some actions (like sign documents) under the name of the identities, without the permission of the people who own them. CCG work paves the way to the adoption of Sovereign Identity, Sovereign Ownership (sovereign ownership over documents that represent assets), Sovereign Money (sovereign ownership over blockchain tokens).

Humane Design and Sovereignty Enabling Technologies are two sides of the same coin.
If you build product based on Sovereignty Enabling Technologies please design it using Humane Design. If you design a product using Humane Design, please build it based on Sovereignty Enabling Technologies.

I’m building Validbook based on Humane Design and Sovereignty Enabling Technologies.
Here is a discussion from the user perspective about Validbook on Humane Tech Forum - The nature of issues: Human Nature vs. Attention Based Business Model?.
Here are posts and tangent discussions on CCG mailing list, where I try to open view on how Validbook is going to be built from a technology perspective:
Why did the PGP Web of Trust fail? -
A proposal to cooperate… -
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Key terms: Humane Design; Sovereignty Enabling Technologies; Sovereign Identity; Sovereign Ownership; Validbook.