Saudi Arabia Civil Liberties / Human Rrights

Hi Guys, I brought up this issue with Ritika Gunnar with a message on Linkedin
VP, Data & AI Expert Services & Learning at IBM… It was in relation to an AI Global Summit in Saudi Arabia recently… !!
May I please ask how people feel on this issue !!
Our own business is an ''AI For Good ‘’ Voice Tech project, and we really want to follow the principles of the community here.
I’d really like to hear what people feel !!! …Thanks so much : )

Hi Ritika,
I have posed this question to Dr. Majid. !!!

I would like to ask the ‘‘Question’’ of both I B M and Dr. Majid as to where does ‘’ AI For Good ‘’ fit in with the questionable Civil Liberties and Human Rights issues within the Kingdom !!! … Perhaps someone might return a suitable answer from both organisations ??? ######################### Perhaps you might like to address it also. There is a wonderful AI For Good Campaign growing around the world and i think it needs the full support of a stellar organisation like I B M. I feel there is a dis-connect with what the message this summit is sending out and the consensus of world opinion around the Kingdoms treatment of the issue in the subject box of my message. May I wish you a very pleasant & peaceful weekend Kind Regards Martin

I can’t see how anyone can host or attend an event with the words “for good” in it in a country with endemic and egregious human rights abuses, and which sends hit squads abroad to saw critics to pieces, with a straight face.

Hi & Thank you for your input !!

I’m absolutely astonished that I B M would participate in this event !!