Putting Down Your Phone May Help You Live Longer

The more we use our phone might be a threat to our long term health.


I am just wondering what was wrong with the original title of this post. I don’t think that title was violating the COC of this forum. I suppose this forum is all about empowerment of individual or group. Just my thoughts.


@aschrijver can you reply here about change in the topic title.

I shouldn’t have changed the title outright, but asked you. No CoC violation, but I changed the negative connotation to a positive one, that matched the contents. You chose the title “Phone use may shorten your life.” which would belong in the category ‘Harms to Wellbeing’ instead of solution category ‘Wellbeing > Health’. Sorry about the change.


Wrong categorization. Anyway I made that title more on to show and point out and likely to attract attention that the physiological harm caused by smart phone has the potential to be more detrimental to our long term health than other harm such as psychological harm. Thanks @aschrijver for the reminder/information.


I don’t have a smartphone and I’m still getting psychological harms as well, from people trying to enforce this technology to the point that life without one will become next to impossible.

The only reason why it wasn’t a problem during BlackBerry/Palm days is because they were a luxury compared to situation of 2019, where life without one is hellishly hard and therefore it’s almost a necessity.

Smartphones should just carry a health warning before you buy one. That’s the easiest solution to this.


That is a very interesting idea…like the cigarette labels!

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I am well aware of addictive nature of some sites/apps (endless scrolling pages, notifications, etc). That article in topic is very good.

Regarding recent discussion points above: However I don’t think blaming a device is a good idea, nor is comparing smartphones to cigarettes. A smartphone is just a computer that we carry in our pocket/purse. Any computer (pocket one, or laptop, desktop,server etc) can be used for both harmful and good things. A computer is just like a car. People do bad things with a car. For example, they drive rashly and hit pedestrians. They rob a bank and use a car to escape via a bridge public infrastructure, can we ask that we ban all cars/bridges? What about maps? Bad guys use maps to do really bad things , can we ban maps or compare maps to cigarettes?

What we really need are solutions (software/hardware/services) that are designed ethically, humanely and respecting the freedom and rights of the user. And there’s no “single solution xyz” that can solve all our problems, we need a big collection of small solutions. Refer our community curated “Humane Tech Awesome list” - https://github.com/humanetech-community/awesome-humane-tech/blob/master/README.md - we can use it as a starting point, count how many apps or services listed there we are migrating to, how many apps listed there are we funding, campaigning in favor, and see how we share feedback on how using the apps or services listed there help us, and see if we can share feedback to the developer or developers behind those free (as in freedom, not cost) software projects.