Pressuring schools to lower tech. Help!

This is awesome!! Good for your community. I’m sharing this with another person @patm here who is advocating for kids as well.


Thank you so much for posting this! I do have plans to address the board and superintendent as well.

After watching the video, I am wondering if it is possible to contact or have a statement my Susan Dunaway (not sure of spelling) who can help to formulate letters/statements to school boards. I was trying to take notes but I would prefer to have a copy. Thank you!

Another request for help, I would like to know if there are laws or school guidelines in California, specifically, that says I can’t opt out of tech or 1:1 program. I think that if they schools don’t want to do it school-wide, then I would like to have the legal option to say no and request paper textbooks. The schools have to provide that if I don’t give my permission for laptops, tablets, etc., right?

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Unfortunetly I do not know the answer to this, so apologies for cluttering the thread. Just wanted you to know if you needed any kind of student support/a speaker/testimoney to help you case, I live in California and would be gald to support you in anyway I can.


@becks Some schools in CA will say they are a “non-opt out” school blah blah blah. These schools just don’t want to deal with people who disagree with them!

You can formulate a letter to the superintendent- copy your principle and tell him/her separately so there won’t be any surprises. Say why you do t want your kid to participate in Edtech activities or use computers at school. Mention there is no education to students about potential harms. List some harms but don’t go into details on all of them. But make your complaint broad enough to cover most students- so they can’t just say these family has a special circumstance we can’t accomodate.

Get what I’m saying? You can ask for CAASP testing to be in paper too…

Let’s stay in touch on this subject. Perhaps we can write a letter together to use as a form for other parents to use.


I’d like to reply to “Becks” but for some reason I’m not seeing how to do that. You can access info on Susan Dunaway in the below link or email me at and I can get you her info. We are in both in Kansas City. We just had our first school district “digital learning task force” meeting to address parent concerns of the districts 1:1 digital learning. It is clear those administrators leading the meeting do not want to do a comprehensive review of the last 5 years of 1:1 that we are pushing for. Either they haven’t been doing their job of tracking the performance or they don’t like the results. One of our questions is this – do you have agreements with any company of these digital tools that allows their company to mine data? Our district has allowed over 200+ apps to be downloaded. Some of which we are finding reward students for watching advertising! Apps are misleading and they change their content over time. Schools cannot keep up with this stuff.


I would love to see a parent organize all of the parents to request 504 plans. Just get your child’s health care provider to write a letter with some sort of a diagnosis (at risk for video game addiction, for example) and say that the child requires accommodations in school pursuant to IDEA. If you can get a whole group of parents to do this, the principal might wake up.


Thank you! That sounds disheartening. SO they SAID they will look into but don’t care? I would be really upset with those apps and advertisers.

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I haven’t heard of non-opt out schools! Ugh. Sometimes it feels a bit hopeless looking forward at my children’s schooling. But it seems so many more parents agree that there is a problem.

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Here is alink to parents rights in California:
(a) It is essential to our democratic form of government that parents and guardians of schoolage children attending public schools and other citizens participate in improving public education institutions. Specifically, involving parents and guardians of pupils in the education process is fundamental to a healthy system of public education.
© All participants in the education process benefit when schools genuinely welcome, encourage, and guide families into establishing equal partnerships with schools to support pupil learning.
(G) Participating, as appropriate, in decisions relating to the education of their own child or the total school program.
(D) Monitoring and regulating the television viewed by their children.

SO it seems like we are meant to FEEL like we have a voice, but do we?

Then there’s California EdTech plan
withe the following: Implementation of Superintendent Torlakson’s “No Child Left Off-line” vision of one-to-one computing for every student and educator.

There is absolutely no discussion or mention of the health or safety of the children. None that I found. How is this possible?


@becks thanks for the links- Yes I really get this too- that they are just saying we have rights as parents. California is exactly like this with special education law as well…, they ignore you hoping you will wear out in the process and give up move. Sounds crazy but it’s real.

California has the most dysfunctional
Education system in the nation- that’s why there are so many Charter schools.

I suggest you go to school board meetings just to learn how they think so you know they think to play their beaurocratic game. Then you can get a group of angry parents and demand answers about health and wellbeing.

I understand your concern- it’s the biggest institutional mess I’ve seen ever in my adult life- total disgrace.

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