Potential: Intentionality, supercharged

Hi all,

over the last year we’ve been working on Potential, which is a new take on digital habits and intentionality. It’s a mix of a daily planner and a habit tracker, supercharged with integrations. It gives you the tools to a) build a system for building habits and b) upgrade your digital choice architecture. Our early customer love it.

Check out this interview with NessLabs for more insights on how it works and what we’re trying to do here!

You can download Potential for iOS and Android. After signing up, please use the code HTC to get in :slight_smile:

It’s a paid product. That, as you’re probably aware, a good thing. There’s a free trial and our pricing philosophy is such that you can always get another month for free if you tell us what would make it worth your money.

Would love to hear your thoughts!


PS: You may remember the iOS 15, Humane concept we published last summer.