Make your mark in just a few minutes, and get viral

We have wonderful campaign ideas that have been posted here and are now discussed in detail on Github so they can be executed.

If you are keen to advance this cause, but don’t have much time to get involved in what may appear to be somewhat complicated projects (some are simpler than others), this is what you could do:

Get creative, funny, and get viral!

Remember the good old chain emails? “Forward this message to 10 of your friends, or you will die”, that sort of things.

Email was not the right tool for spreading content, and eventually chain emails disappeared. Whatsapp however, makes this possible, and natural.

Think of something meaningful, shocking or funny you want to tell your friends, and for them to pass on.

Just an example. I could send the following text to my friends:

"Let us put an end to food spamming!

Sharing pictures of food is insane. Receiving pictures of food doesn’t interest me whatsoever, and I don’t like you any more because I now know what you shoved into your mouth tonight. It is highly distracting, an utter waste of time for everyone involved, especially your friends who now have an obligation to reply things they absolutely don’t think, such as “looks yummy”, or give you a thumb up for bothering them, while they actually could not give a damn.

If you approve of this message, pass it on to all your friends. Let’s put an end to food spamming."

Any other idea you can think of? Any informative warning, or comical message you think people could pass on.

Please don’t refer to CHT though. This gives you all the latitude to write the weirdest, most profane texts.

Be careful not to confront your friends harshly about their social media habits. Other alternatives may be more effective than spamming your friends with confrontation.

One idea is leave and delete your social media to give your friends less reason to post and linger there.

Or better yet take your friends to the phone and email. Email is the fairest social network and also the one everybody’s on. It has never been easier to attach a photo to an email and send it to your contacts. And it has never been easier to make a phone call, as recently most phone carriers started offering unlimited calls, even internationally, for almost nothing.

Of course! You would not send the sample message to those of your close friends who regularly engage in such behavior. Eventually, they will get the drift.

Too drastic an approach in my view, and you would be on your own. Let’s fight fire with fire. True, you would be left alone, but anybody you know would still be active. Not the idea here.

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By the way, I already posted the message above, and it is now spreading. Make a mark.

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For reference, and to cross-link: this matches Idea - Turning the weapon around, raising awareness!

(the idea in that post - which has aged a bit already - is to make this into a strategical campaigning power tool. Note that no App is really needed, because anyone can do it already, as @anon51879794 already stated above, but the app would increase the power, like a ‘bump stock’ on a semi-automatic gun, if you will)