Make real connections! Parents' Nook needs your attention..

Hi there,
I am a mom of a 4.6 yr old and an engineer by profession. From last few months, I am working on a project to make real connections among parents while their kids play open-ended nearby. I was my first customer here. After rigorous customer interaction and feedback, we iterated to an on-demand parent care space with open-ended child play space.We are already hosting a lot of Nooks in the Bay Area and Santa Cruz. While hosting these Nooks we are making sure we try to make already existent setup/infrastructure more easy to use for a parent or group of parents.

We wanted to get in touch with the members of Humane Tech community who might help us in making it a ethical and non addictive while meeting the needs of our customers. Our customers are parents who were techies but not using it much in their day to day like after they had children.

I dropped an email to Tristan and need his help in taking this forward.

Note: Got the reference of Tristan Harris and this community from one of our Waldorf school mentor.