Let us support "bricks and mortar" businesses

We’ve all seen many century-old, often family-owned, businesses fail in this era.

Do we want to live in an era where all the shops we were used to visit (the butcher, the bakery, the grocery store) have closed down, replaced by property agencies, the occasional restaurant, and a few shops dedicated to improving your online experience?

Do we want our shopping experience to be transformed into one where we select our products, check their origin online, and proceed to check out using a dedicated app? No contact with any human would be required.

Are you witnessing some of these inconspicuous changes?

Resistance starts with support for all the things we hold dear: human contact, human business.

Let us all support small, local businesses, and encourage our friends to do so, assuming we want to preserve this way of life. The online experience offers us to save money, and enjoy the same product quality. What is the catch? Cut down on people whose sacred mission is to make you safisfied, and whom you can talk to if you’re not.

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With so much concern about the surveillance data business the preservation of physical stores is now more urgent. We have to take a pause from data hungry businesses like those online giant retailers. And the advantage talking to real people are great, the experience you know.