Investigating privacy-respecting online identity, data ownership & control solutions



On this thread I would also like to mention - a Web of Trust application - as an existing, widely used (though mostly by techies) key management solution with which to prove your identity.

It is mostly used by more advanced users, and you’ll not find easy explanation on their site of what it is for, and how it is used, so you might read Quora: What is Keybase in laymans terms, Quora - Why should I use Keybase, the bit technical Introduction to Keybase and check wikipedia:

If you want to dive into a huge amount of discussion on Keybase, then this Hacker News search is for you.

One thing I do not like of Keybase (and the reason I did not yet try it) is that it is a commercial company, but nowhere can I found how this is set up, or how they do raise money, etc. Best info I could find was in this blog post and in their Jobs section they state this:

Keybase is a small, well-funded company of idealists who love what we’re building. Our team and investors come from a variety of early roles at OkCupid, Reddit, Tumblr, Facebook, and more. We enjoy:

  • bringing privacy & security to the masses
  • making apps & interfaces
  • ping pong & peanut M&M’s & LaCroix water & team outings.

I just asked a question about this on Hacker News (let’s hope it reaches the front page):