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An interesting study on trolling and how to improve an online community:


Now this is a decent way to increase your Time Well Spent, I think:

edit: lotsa quiting experiences:


Interesting read… this startup of neuroscientists wants to fight fire with fire to fight smartphone addiction:


Echo chambers are very real… interesting study


I am fascinated by World Without Mind by Franklin Foer. subject: Sociology. Orion, 2017 Link to Powells Online


While I should maybe post this in another topic, this is interesting for future work of tje CHT:


Now this one is just Hilarious :smile:

Might show it to your kids next time they are on Instagram…


Great list forming here. I’d add:

  • Bernard Harcourt’s ‘Exposed: Desire and Disobedience in the Digital Age’ - covers surveillance and expository society

  • Michael Bess ‘Make way for the superhumans’

  • Mark O’Connell ‘To be a machine’

  • P. Lewis 2017 - Guardian Article - ‘our minds can be hijacked’

  • Adrian Ward, PhD dissertation 2013 - ‘One with the Cloud: Why People Mistake the Internet’s Knowledge for Their Own’, Harvard

  • Andrew Keen, The Internet is not the answer

  • Lee et al 2014 - Paper - The Dark Side of Smartphone Usage: Psychological Traits, compulsive behaviour and technostress

  • Sparrow et al 2011 - Paper - Google Effects on Memory

  • Andy Clark 2010 - Supersizing the mind: embodiment, action and cognitive extension


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@aschrijver have you seen this organization- i did a search and didnt see it…

Towards the Vision of The Decentralized Web!

"As a scholar of the social and political implications of technology, I would argue the internet is designed to be hostile to the people who use it. I call it a “hostile information architecture.”


An entertaining read about the insane culture that has arisen in Silicon Valley by the many would-be billionaire startup founders that flock together here. But also describes trends we see more broadly in the whole of society…


A very good article by the Pew Research Center on the rise of the algorithm:


Thanks @HawserApp for posting this link:

12 Things Everyone Should Understand About Tech

This article by Anil Dash is IMPORTANT reading material!

“Tech is more important than ever, deeply affecting culture, politics and society. Given all the time we spend with our gadgets and apps, it’s essential to understand the principles that determine how tech affects our lives.”

  1. Tech is not neutral.
  2. Tech is not inevitable.
  3. Most people in tech sincerely want to do good.
  4. Tech history is poorly documented and poorly understood.
  5. Most tech education doesn’t include ethical training.
  6. Tech is often built with surprising ignorance about its users.
  7. There is never just one single genius creator of technology.
  8. Most tech isn’t from startups or by startups.
  9. Most big tech companies make money in just one of three ways.
  10. The economic model of big companies skews all of tech.
  11. Tech is as much about fashion as function.
  12. No institution has the power to rein in tech’s abuses.



Another entertaining one by about network science:


Ive watched and experienced this culture develop over the last 20 years- Insane but not entertaing to me;) Any founder has to pass my vetting before hiring my husband- we’ve been burned before. Not glamourous.


Isn’t there a new yphone model yet?

This video was created by Steve Cutts.


Some useful stats and references here:


@aschrijver how do we tag this to health? Thx for posting!! So important to have this awareness.