How do we relate to the Facebook group "Friends Of Time Well Spent"?

What the current relation between HTC and the Friends Of Time Well Spent?
We can’t afford such community dispersion, we have to cope with this double nature of the community sooner or later…

Well, Friends of TWS directs people to HTC and encourages them to join the forum. However, HTC does not direct people to Friends.

I am a moderator of Friends. This was arranged by @aschrijver, who contacted Max Stossel (an admin of both HTC and Friends) for permission. At that time, the idea was that I would (1) invite selected FB members to join HTC and (2) post HTC content to FB.

This has worked to a limited degree. As I’ve written elsewhere, though, FB is such a different medium that people who spend time on it experience a significant temperature and environmental change when they come to HTC.

My feeling about this and the expected influx of new members is that we need some kind of peer-to-peer or mentoring program for new people. They can’t just land on our moon surface and expect to know where to go and what to do. They have to be guided.

Perhaps new members could receive a “Welcome to HTC” guide or something like that. @gkrishnaks had proposed creating a flowchart for a friend of mine who’d just joined; perhaps we could work on that as a resource for new people.

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The community website should take this role. The landing page is just that: the place to land on HTC. All the information should be able to be drilled down to from there.