Hoping to connect with developers of platforms that are alternatives to FB

Greetings, all - I’ve been looking at several new tools I’ve read about on this forum and would welcome the chance to talk with those of you who are creating these tools - Hawser and Heartcup are the two I’ve read about thus far - as I’m trying to help several communities move off of FB onto a platform that offers them the functionality they need and is also consistent with their values. In brief, one of these groups is made up of roughly 1,000 clergy members of a liberal denomination - the other is a training institute. I’m wondering if anyone involved with these new platforms might want to talk with me and/or others leading these groups? Thanks in advance for considering this.

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Thank you for bringing this up. I dislike the way my organization’s Facebook page looks, and the relentless flow of messages urging us to increase our marketing simply adds insult to injury.

I know the admins are also working on FB alternatives, so perhaps we’ll hear about more of these soon :slight_smile: .