Hiding Like count metrics on user profile pages


We use such counters on the forum too. I don’t how it affects what and when we post and comment–or if we should consider removing those numbers too.

Here’s a screenshot with names removed.

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Don't Count On Me Campaign: We don't need those Social Media metrics to socialize

I will see if we could technically do it…

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I don’t find anything in the admin interface to disable the like button in our forum…


I do not think the Like button should be disabled. We have had discussion about that a number of times before. This forum is different than, say, Facebook. It is a ‘workplace’ where people pose ideas and opinions and adding Likes to it has a functional meaning. It avoids having many ‘I like this idea’ responses on a topic, that will only detract from the actual content. A like means “I have seen and appreciate your contribution”.

The part that is less meaningful, and could be disabled is the metrics section on one’s profile page that shows who liked who and how many times. This serves no real purpose. The way to disable that would probably involve tweaking the CSS of the forum to make these sections hidden from view.


I have hidden the “Most Liked By”, “Most Liked” and “Most Replied To” sections from the user profile summary page.