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From time to time, members of our community ask each other for help on their projects. I’ve seen open calls for collaborators, investors, customers, or even media contacts. Since these are often 1-off requests and usually don’t lead to interactive forum discussions, I want to experiment with threading them together in this “Help wanted” post. Not sure if it will scale, but worth a try!


Dear all

I’m a Swiss freelance journalist and I’m working on an article about CHT and similar organizations and initiatives for a Swiss newspaper. Right now, I’ looking out for representatives of the movement who are from Switzerland or might have ties with Switzerland for a statement or interview.

Any help or hint is very appreciated!

Thank you and many warm regards,


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I have worked on Dreams Oriented Computing for long time, in some ways the ideas started to unfold over 15 years ago.

You can check just published website in . To prevent spam, there is password protection on some pages that are drafts and have link to Google Docs for targeted commenting possibility.
The password is: “cabin”

Some central ideas of Dreams Oriented Computing:

  • Instead of we having to think “what programs and services do I need for this goal?” we should be able to express our goal or dream to the information system, which then helps us best possible way towards them.

  • This of course involves really many practical, but also ethical questions and I have wanted to start publishing texts from ethical viewpoints, as I strongly feel that this is needed in order to aim for something that brings us better world, and minimizing dangers involved in all ubiquitous technology.

  • Dreams as “important goals” or “life-goals” offer viewpoints of being proactive (vs reactive), avoiding procrastination (tuning our behaviour by using knowledge of what makes us tick), finding common ground and goals with others etc. ; on the other hand, “dreams” as a word is good for examining philosophical questions too, such as “how do we know that our dreams are ours?”.

Some variations of the main idea, that we should be able to express our dreams to information system, will of course happen - and it is possible to do sooner than you might think. We can for example right today start with search engine like Google or use social media services and networks to reach for almost any dreams or goals. However, this will become something that is more ubiquitous, working (also) on the background and helping us in various ways, like offering information and resources related to our dreams etc. When considering this, it begins to be easy to understand that we very probably want to be certain that the functionality is ethical.

I would appreciate really much any help in getting ideas central to Dreams Oriented Computing forward.

Like I mentioned in the beginning, you can help at . The password on some pages that are drafts is: “cabin”.
You can also see links to really early drafts on Google Docs if you register to the site.

But also, you can ask me anything here, on this forum. So please do! 8)

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Keep me updated in a thread is on the way :slight_smile: