Game Accessibility Guidelines: reference for inclusive game design

I found this resource on inclusive game design:

Game Accessibility Guidelines

Supporting the industry since 2012, through award winning guidance and examples of how to cater for gamers with disabilities and other impairments

“A collaborative effort between a group of studios, specialists and academics, to produce a straightforward developer friendly reference for ways to avoid unnecessarily excluding players, and ensure that games are just as fun for as wide a range of people as possible.”

How to work with the guidelines

These guidelines are in three categories – basic, intermediate and advanced. These levels are based on a balance of three things:

  • Reach (number of people who benefit)
  • Impact (the difference made to those people)
  • Value (cost to implement)

They are then grouped in sub-categories that relate to types of skill / impairment: motor, cognitive, visual and speech, and also some general considerations that apply to all areas.