Further refinement of the Mission's Pyramid of Alignment diagram

You are right. But I think both are not good terms. More food for thought :slight_smile:

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We could create the word attentionfulness, that is like mindfulness but restricted only to the mental ability to give our whole attention to something, without losing/fragmenting it.

I think ‘attention’ is very important - it is the ‘cash’ with which we are paying to allow extractive companies reap profit from us. But attention doesn’t cover the field enough. It is not all-encompassing of humane technology. It does not include freedom, health & wellbeing, inclusiveness, etc. Maybe it implicitly references the ability to have full freedom of expression and creativity.

But we have to think what the “sweet spot” is. If all is well, and humane technology is all-pervasive some new potential has been unleashed, a new realm entered. We have to express that in proper words.

Maybe we can write out a contest for that in the community? If there are good contributions… followed by a vote.

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We know how these voting things usually go… but we can give it another try. And by the way, a world with ‘attentionfulness’ would be a great objective to me, a lot of bad things will disappear, perhaps we could consider it the key element of all.

There is the word attentiveness. But that may have a different connotation.

I wonder if these concepts–well being, health, freedom, etc.–are more organic and perhaps can’t be represented by geometric forms.

At least their relationships can’t be.

A suggestion, maybe to get us thinking chemically instead of geometrically.

You’ll see I changed a few terms and couldn’t figure out how to work in “humane tech.”

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There are some good concepts in this. Not the symbolism of droplets falling in the rain, I think, but:

  • Showing overlapping intersection where the intersection has a separate label / meaning
  • Splitting up ‘the sweet spot’ in multiple different aspects

More food for thought :wink:

Edit: Note that I also really like the concept of multiple Maslow pyramids, because we can refine that further in the subcategorization. And in the last proposal of Michele, I want to bring ‘alignment’ back, where it now says TWS. BTW, alignment fits very well with overlapping areas…

Also I like the crispness and fresh colors of the first diagram in this thread. Something we should keep. And also not have diagrams where things form heart-like shapes or anything. This is not that type of diagram.

Thinking about it: ‘Technology alignment’ is a known concept. I find the center pyramid can be ‘alignment’. It bind all three areas of wellbeing, freedom and society. If you don’t give it a separate color, the pyramid looks weird (an empty hole in the middle).

Before going any further with this we should see if this makes sense. How do we split the focus areas further. Can each pyramid have meaningful layers. Do we have alignment levels.

Harms can be divided into 3 focus areas too, and humane technology can be the sweet spot and not an arrow.

Let’s go back to strategy :slight_smile:


After a brainstorm I’d like to propose the following framework that offers both a more detailed breakdown of the focus areas, as well as a way to elaborate on methodologies and strategy for moving forward.

The Pyramids of Humane Technology


  • There are 2 sweet spots that we are pursuing:

    1. Humane Technology as the sweet spot of technology innovation
    2. Human Flourishing as the sweet spot for human evolution
  • The framework is optimistic and solution-oriented

    • Humane technology leads to human flourishing
    • Harms of technology are not mentioned or addressed at the abstract level
    • The 2 sweet spots will make both technologists and non-tech-savvy people feel at home
  • We are building The Pyramids of Humane Technology which are:

    1. The pyramid of (Technology) Alignment
    2. The pyramid of (Digital) Society
    3. The pyramid of (Digital) Wellbeing
    4. The pyramid of (Digital) Freedom
  • The pyramid of alignment is upside down, it grows towards the top, as alignment grows

  • The others are regular shaped, narrowing, as they work towards an elusive goal

  • Each pyramid has 3 levels, Maslow-like, where level 3 represents the top

Pyramid of Technology Alignment


  • From disruption to sustainable growth
  • From revolution to evolution
  • Technology evolves with humans
  • Technology in service of humanity
Level Topics
1. discovery knowledge, insights, humane design
2. adoption ethics, best-practices, experience, exemplars
3. evolution innovation, sustainability, expansion, immersion

Pyramid of Society


  • From access to interaction
  • From protection to savety
Level Topics
1. access availability, accessibility, structure
2. protection rights, regulation, security, privacy, trust
3. safety interaction, communication, behavior, civility, inclusiveness

Pyramid of Wellbeing


  • From health to happiness
  • From acceptance to wholesomeness
Level Topics
1. health mental, physical, mindful
2. harmony balance, inter-personal, social, diversity
3. happiness wholesomeness, acceptance

Pyramid of Freedom


  • From engagement to purpose
  • From expression to flourishing
  • From direction to the future
Level Topics
1. engagement freedom of speech, information and expression
2. expression creativity, human values, genuine emotions
3. flourishing purpose, synergy, optimism, confidence, vision, direction

From here another diagram can be created, showing the four pyramid in detail:


Edit: I have posted the proposal to Github, where it has a more easy-to-read format: Pyramids of Humane Technology proposal.

The image that can be used for Mozilla Pulse presentation:

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Is it possible to work transparency in here somewhere?

Yes, but I think that it is not part of the diagram, but in one of the topics. Thinking of Society > Access or Society > Safety.

Are these diagrams to market our group HTC? Or are they fir archive goals? If it’s for marketing our group- less is more- people are distracted and impatient and unless they are interested in humane tech they won’t give a more complex diagram a second glance. It depends on the audience…

Yes and no. In normal communication only the left-side compound pyramid can be used. The depiction of the other four serve to show how they are further broken down. They depict the stages to go through when building up each focus area + the one pyramid for technology alignment. In each of these layers separate humane tech aspects play a role and harms will be addressed (this is not part of the text nor the diagram).

The last diagram has 1200x630px size and shows both the compound pyramid and detailing their decomposition. The size is the one that works best when presenting our mission/vision on Mozilla Pulse.

So it is not just marketing but will serve for strategy and community organization. The top of each pyramid can be a goal to strive for in pursuit of our vision of having humane technology that allows humans to flourish.

Note: The ‘Concepts’ in the text are just indicative. You can derive much more from the way in which it is set up in the breakdown structure.

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I found the image on the left much more comprehensible when I saw the breakdown on the right.

I communicated this with @Mndctrl too, because he triggered the idea of multiple pyramids. His reaction was very positive:

Onwijs goed zeg! Dit geeft richting en zoveel inspiratie. Top gedaan :+1::+1::+1:

Google translated: Really good! This gives direction and so much inspiration. Top done

Some feedback from @Mndctrl:

  • Move ‘inclusiveness’ from level 3 Wellbeing to level 3 Society topics —> DONE

  • Doubt about ‘Human Flourishing’. Turn it into ‘Humanity Flourishing’?

    • I responded that I chose ‘Humans’ on purpose, because replacing with ‘Humanity’ is too big a goal (like saying ‘peace on earth’). Instead the sweet spot provides the pre-condition for humans to reach their full potential i.e. to flourish.
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Community principles


  • Ubiquitous Humane Technology that Stimulates Humans to Flourish and Humanity to Thrive.


  • We Promote Solutions that Improve Wellbeing, Freedom and Society.
  • We Discover, Address and Help Eradicate The Harms of Technology.


  • We Are For Everyone and Your Participating Should Be Fun and Rewarding!
  • We Are a Solution Focused Team Who Engage Our Challenges With Optimism.
  • We Are One of Many Cooperating Teams and Actively Embrace New Partnerships.

Announcement: Be a Builder ❤ Help Improve Wellbeing, Freedom and Society !

New Forum Header:

Welcome to Humane Tech Community! We promote Embracing of Humane Technology So That Humans Can Flourish And Humanity Can Thrive.

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I am closing this topic because we have reached agreement on the diagram via a vote. The community principles are part of yet another vote, but we will elaborate them in a new topic if that’s needed.