Further refinement of the Mission's Pyramid of Alignment diagram

Hi all,

This morning I had a 2hr talk with @Mndctrl (or William), in a coffee bar in Delft.

He is very interested in Humane Tech and shares our worries just as much. We had a great, inspiring chat. Will had been thinking of an alternative way to represent our mission, especially the pyramid. And I quite like this representation. This was his sketch:

And I have just created a LibreOffice diagram from it, leaving out the details, which looks as follows:

As you can see here:

  • Alignment takes a central place. It grows when going upwards
  • 3 focus areas are present. They can be 3 individual Maslow-like pyramids in themselves
  • Humane technology (light-blue area), when it expands, leads to unrestrained potential for Time Well Spent to flourish

Maybe ‘freedom’ and ‘wellbeing’ could be swapped. I am not sure about that yet.

It doesn’t convince me, without your bullet points I’d be confused about its meaning.
Why the blue triangle should be treated in a different way from the others? It’s not an area, is an objective and it is oriented in the opposite way respect to the others. Then the light blue area didn’t seem to me an area, but just directions (by the arrows). Also the main red title below (harms of technology) seems to refer to the pyramid somehow…
I think it’s too compact, we need more signs, shapes, etc. it’s too dense… I try me too to propose an alternative going in this direction.

The blue alignment area is opposite because it is indeed something different than the 3 focus areas. So the upwards direction is towards the future, where alignment grows. The alignment is ‘binding’ society and wellbeing, by being alongside it… and when alignment has reached a certain level, the freedom pyramid ensues. Light-blue and blue means this is one growing cone rising upwards, using increased levels of humane technology, where at a certain point you come in the Time well spent area, and it is about more than just alignment. Here you get ‘expansion’ of human capabilities.

The ‘harms of technology’ could be contained in a grey box to mark that it is not the label of the pyramid itself, but a separate ‘block’ at the bottom of it.

Yes I know about this meaning, it’s just that it’s not clear by the diagram, i.e. if you see four triangles why you’d interpret one of them in a special way? So at first glance they look four areas of something… and the light-blue area with the arrows includes only alignment and freedom, with the right arrow ‘humane technology’ that goes up… what does the left arrow stand for? And shouldn’t humane technology be part of the solutions or at least the rationale followed by the solutions?

By the way, I don’t like anymore Time well spent as our ideal condition, it’s reductive somehow, i.e. you spend your time well, doing things in your interests etc. … to me it’s more than that, it’s person well formed, brain and organism flourishing interiorly and outside, through relationships.

Valid points, have to think about it. Though on TWS, I think that encompasses what you say. Time spent with my family, with my friends, with what is dear to me, and important in life…

The arrows on the left, are just the proces… from awareness to solutions, from solutions to time well spent.

I mean the left dashed arrow…

I know awareness and solutions are in parallel, but perhaps it’s like that, because solutions bring awareness and awareness brings solutions, so maybe they shouldn’t be one after the other… and alignment is disappeared, but the alignment is evident by itself.

Hmmm, this is also nice, Michele. But if it is clearer… dunno. The center pyramids are very small, and there is a lot of focus on the method this way. It has its merits, though.

I just created yet another alternative before I saw your version:


Yes, this is much better, I still don’t like very much the left arrows, it seems like it’s somehow related to the internal triangles (i.e. solutions start from freedom etc.). And the harms of technology rectangle isn’t so easily related to the rest… but we’re close!

Yea… I kinda liked the upside down cone that ‘grows’ upwards as time progresses. I conveyed your feedback to Will. Maybe we should have a discussion where he is in on it too, or even make a public topic. Let’s first wait till Pat and Mary catch up on this.

This change has not too much hurry.

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It looks like the head of an anime robot, perhaps we could leverage this similarity considering the mission like a robot with different components etc.

Yes, it looks quite cool :smile:

The problem is - and I am guilty in that too - that these become more like logo designs than that they actually convey meaning and process.

@borja suggested to me to flip the thing and display from A to B along a timeline, so I tested it and yesterday created this:

Which is nice in a way, but the idea of the pyramid of alignment is lost in it. The original diagram presented publicly and the first alternative in this thread are both more business-like and concrete, I think.


This is nice too. Me too, I was thinking of a reference time axis to make things clearer. Yes I agree we are sliding into logos…

Well-being should be at the bottom as this is the foundation for higher order freedoms in life- without our health we have little freedom ultimately.

I like this multi collaborative pyramid- great work!!

@micheleminno I like the left and right columns. I think the pyramid should be society and well-being side by side since these things are synergistic in nature. Maybe combine that lower triangle and split it up somehow with society and wellbeing side by side?