Freedom from Google

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A related article:

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Very helpful thread,
Check out the list of Best Private Search Engines in 2018,

I love the details and information here. Thank You!. I am trying to see how hard it is to replace all Google/Alphabet products in my home. I am starting with Ubuntu on my smart phone and tablet. I deleted Facebook a while ago but still use messenger so I am still being tracked but that will end with smartphone OS change. I am looking forward to getting control of my IT again.

Have a look at Related awesomeness section in Awesome Humane Tech list for some more good resources. I am almost fully off of Google services usage, except on mobile (via Android).

I have Firefox with built-in ad-blockers, plus Privacy Badger and uBlock Origin plugins. In Privacy Badger I have blocked a whole bunch of Google trackers, such as Google Analytics and, recently, even Google Fonts.