Firefox disabled Privacy Badger and HTTPS everywhere

I opened my computer this morning and found that both Privacy Badger and HTTPS everywhere had been kicked off of my extensions page. I tried to redownload them but it seems they are no longer compatible with Firefox or something. Anyone else having a similar issue?

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Yes, I just noticed the same. Not amused by it. Seems to be related to this:

No action needed… probably. Huge discussion on HN:


No action needed from users. Mozilla is rolling out the hotfix.

Good idea to AVOID toggling xpinstall signatures needed to FALSE. We can just wait out until the fix is available. Suggesting otherwise (toggling to false) is bad idea as most people won’t remember to reset it to TRUE.

@sidnya did you receive the fix? Once u receive the fix, addons will get autoenabled.

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Yup I received the fix! Why did I have to enable studies to get it? I was confused.

I didn’t have to enable studies (whatever that is). And, even more strange, Firefox ran fine on my old MacBook Pro, displaying addons. I didn’t have to do anything.

@sidnya you can disable studies again if you had it disabled earlier. Studies lets Mozilla run some experiements in your PC and send Data the results back to them. The next browser update will correct this problem with permanent solution…so if it shows up, update browser right away. See latest update in

@patm, it’s probably because your system clock wasn’t accurate in the other machine :grin: (because the cert expiry is a date and it (browser) asks your system for current date to check expiry… It’s also why you can’t login TLS enabled “https” sites if your system clock is incorrect)

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I agree to this discussion guys good thread

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