Evidence behind the CHT thesis

I’m looking to start writing more on the subject and am wondering if anyone at CHT or in the community knows of a list of the evidence backing up the main points of the CHT thesis outlined in the new agenda video or on the Problem page?

  1. The mismatch between our natural human sensitivities and the exponentially growing power of technology opens the door to massive extraction and monetization of our thoughts, emotions, and actions—generating a slew of harmful side effects, such as:
  • A - Shorter attention spans
  • B - Outrage over dialogue
  • C - Addicting our children
  • D - Polarizing democracies
  • E - Turning life into a competition for likes and shares
  1. Digital Addiction - Digital slot machines occupy more and more space in our lives

  2. Mental Health - We constantly face a battle for our attention, social comparison, and bullying

  3. Breakdown of Truth - It’s become harder than ever to separate fact from fiction

  4. Polarization - Stronger ideological rifts make compromise and cooperation more difficult

  5. Political Manipulation - Creating discord through cyberwarfare is far more cost-effective than military action

  6. Superficiality - A social system built on likes and shares prioritizes shallowness over depth.

Whoops, duh. Found it: https://ledger.humanetech.com/

I have been writing on these issues too. My October 2018 report “Social Media Impacts on Social and Political Goods” includes a bibliography and citations to much of the research.