Apple’s recent iOS update- we’ve been hijacked with notifications...

Has any Apple iOS users noticed after the last updates they get lots of notifications now after the last update? I had all my notifications turned off but after the last update most were turned on!!

I think Apple is hiding behind its humans tech efforts like the screentime tracker feature- but in reality other things are popping up.

I don’t trust Apple anymore.

Does anyone know of a phone that is truly humanely built?

Layer by layer I’m changing vendors based on my experience of what I call privacy harassment…


one Of the notifications that drove me insane is the news one… I can sense the type of phones people have in my community… because the news update notification goes off and and this culture starts where everyone is talking about the same news all day-

Back in the day people picked up different news paper sources and picked and chose topics to chat about events and happenings. A mingling of coming from different mindsets happens and real discussion is necesssry to connect. People seek to understand one another. With the notifications- it’s one narrow topic, and people take one position or the other. The depth is gone and human connection becomes flat.

Talk about technology hijackong our minds- definitely hijacking our culture… the ultimate tech hijack- our minds and culture.