Who helps translate the best humane tech resources to different languages?

Dear community,

Our new member @lopeztel - welcome to the community, Luis :blush: - attended me to an issue that has been brought up before:

Most good stuff about Humane Technology only exists in the English language!

So too the great Social Cooling website, a resource that lends itself very to raise awareness with non-technical people about what happens when they share data with a ‘free’ platform service. Both @lamacri and @lopeztel have graciously offered to translate in Spanish and Italian, and other languages may follow if we find more volunteers.

Now this is a general problem. There are many great Humane Tech resources waiting to be translated, so should we start a …

Humane Technology Translation Project (HTTP)

(image: moderntechh)

Before going any further with this, I want to gauge if there is interest within the community and beyond. If you are interested, then:

  • Raise your voice in this thread
  • Suggest ideas how we can set this project up
  • Add candidate resources to translate to the wiki post below this one



(this is a wiki post that anyone can edit, unless you are new to this form. In that case send me a direct message and I’ll up your trust level)

Awesome Humane Tech translation candidates

Free / FOSS Translation software

Almost forgot, but regarding the setting the project up part I guess the first step would be talking to website owners and then ideally set up something like a git repo and/or use crowd translating platforms such as weblate

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Yes indeed, such a process is a requirement. Without the consent and collaboration of the resource creators / maintainers there is little point, unless the license allows derived works / copies and someone else wants to host them (guess that could also be on our community website). And then they need to be promoted too.

Hi there, what a great idea!

I am willing to volunteer to translate material in to Brazilian Portuguese. With the effects on the social fabric of Brazil due to social media it is very important to get this info out to people here.

I work with english/portuguese translation.

Fantastic @emiliobfreire! This is great, thanks much :pray:

If going with Weblate we need to either find a server to self-host, or a pre-installed service that allows communities / open-source projects to translate for free.

Well, maybe from the start this is what the project should aim for: to aggregate translations of humane tech-related resources from all across the web.

I have looked through a bunch of resources that were posted to this forum over time, and many of them exist on personal blogs or in established media where they just don’t have interest or facility to host translations in other languages.

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I would like to offer my help with russian and italian translations.


Fantastic! And welcome among our midst @abuikis :smiley:

Hi! My name is Yunchai and I have always been interested in Humane Tech community.
I am willing to volunteer to translate the material to Korean!


Yess!! Wonderful, and most welcome to the community, Yunchai :pray:

I can host webplate on my server if you want. I can also provide a web hosting space for translated site, or even better, we can use netlify.com service (used it for several small projects, its free and very handy) let me know


Woww! That is a great offer, @abuikis!! Thank you so much :heart:

Weblate seems for sure the best option that I have found (see the list in the wiki post). And Netlify would be handy for non-technical users to edit the site. These can be repo’s in our Github organization and hosted by Github Pages. Maybe Netlify CMS is sufficient, though. It adds some editing functionality to the static site, and a simple review process.

OK i will install weblate on server and will provide and let you know when its ready, please give me some days (quite busy week ahead)


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Thank you once again. Note, there is no rush at all, everyone is busy, and besides there will probably be a gradual build-up of this initiative.

Thanks a lot for the willingness to help :+1: ,as @aschrijver says, maybe we can gain more momentum while waiting for content owners to get back at us?

I can’t translate anything… I can proof content which has been translated from another language into english or something an ESL speaker has written in english plus I’ve done a bit of ESL tutoring so hopefully I can explain the edits in a useful way which makes it into a mutual learning moment.

I did want to mention that SBS here in Australia used to be the ‘go-to’ translator used in any official capacity eg for PSAs, health brochures etc but there have been a few slip ups in the context of the pandemic and other emergency situations. To be honest speedy and relevant translation is an enormous problem that tech is making great inroads on but I haven’t come across something which has a strong open source philosophy behind it… can folks recommend anything which might work well for a first pass translate to be proofed by could be a native speakers of the destination language. This would also work to iron out gltiches in the AI translators themselves… or is this a bridge too far at this point in time?

If it is a bridge too far I’d suggest contacting a multilingual media service if one exists in your area and asking them for contact suggestions re: new volunteers focussed specifically on translating.
I suggest this as someone who almost didn’t join because there is a lot of tech speak in this, of course that comes with familiarity with the relevant fora and media and is a natural and useful shorthand but it can make the less tech minded feel like we are in the wrong place. If an active friendly hand is extended to specific groups based on much needed skillsets and they are actively welcomed and encouraged in similar ways to how I have been as a new member then I suspect it could both solve the immediate problem and create a new tool for problem solving specific skill deficits.