What the Tech: Infographic about harmful app UI design building blocks (discussion)



Yes of course! Is there a dedicated book club thread I could link in the post?



I am not tagging anyone in these posts accept the humane tech community for privacy reasons. If you would like to be tagged in future posts let me know.


Here is a link to the post:


@patm can you share this account on MeWe (which is kind of counter intuitive but hey haha)?
And anyone who still uses instagram as well. I am going to wait till we have a couple more followers before I post anymore stuff…


I strongly advise to confer with @MaciejBud on this! He has offered his help before and his company ExplainVisually.co is superb in creating infographics.


Here is the second What the Tech Post


@patm I redid the book club banner to fit the “theme” of What the Tech. Let me know if there is anything I should change!


Looks good; thank you!


I’m trying to make up some things to post throughout the week now so I don’t have to worry about it later. I can up with this:

And the text will read:
You have probably heard of cookies on the internet, but are unsure of what they do! Cookies are a way for companies and advertisers to track you online. While not inherently bad, third party cookies (trackers set by sites outside of the ones you visit) can track you across the web and even access your browser history! To be safe and ensure your privacy, you can block cookies with apps like Privacy Badger on your computer, and use mobile browsers like Safari and Opera that allow you to block them!


Thanks I love it.

This is an excellent direction for the community to follow and is remarkably sensible. It’s the missing message, the stream that we would be following if existed. I could see a steam like this becoming virally popular, across many channels, and then sustaining itself even though donations as a public service.

Why not the community Instagram channel itself? Though what the tech sounds cool, the name is already taken. Using the Humane Tech Community name itself would bring both brand name recognition and people into the community. Not to mention it sounds official and also like a “community” of real people so would probably get more attention I suppose.


@Free I brought this up with @aschrijver before. He stated that using the official page would undermine the community message,which makes sense. The Community having an active Instagram page contradicts the Pyramids ect. “What the Tech” is a HTC project, more than an official account, if that helps clarify things…its more about having a place to publish things and raise awareness generally.


Maybe, to keep @aschrijver’s original terminology, we should use the word campaign. How about referring to this as the What the Tech campaign? I would like to post something on CHT’s Facebook page and refer to it that way. If I should use project instead, please LMK.


I agree with @Free, this should be posted by the official accounts of HTC, otherwise dispersion of channels and sources will be high, people would see multiple accounts and don’t keep in mind the authors of the messages and recognize them as a whole community.


Whilst I do agree with concentrating messaging through standard channels, initiatives like should also be applauded. As a campaign, @Siddhi could do this as a personal project, right?
And then ask for our support in sharing etc. and potentially even providing content.

Is there a process / plan for digital media campaigning (incl social) somewhere? Otherwise, should I start a thread for the CT and jot down some of my ideas?


The actual plan for a new awareness campaign is the following:

  • start a new topic here about that
  • once it gets some feedback and begins to gain some concreteness, start a new campaign on github

What now lacks is some uniform and centralized organization of the media channels, so that if we want to post a new msg it will spread at the same time and with the same content though all our channels.


Regarding dispersion of channels - i.e decentralized vs centralised multi-channel publishing - I have a cool idea - briefly mentioned in Campaigners Inbox and based on my prior topic “Turning the Weapon Around”] - to start a FOSS project for this, that is highly actionable and already has a Githun organization account.

PS. I would highly appreciate if any of you would ping-pong larger changes in terminology and ideas with me, before changing direction. Maybe track a bullet list + topic refs. There is much to offload from my head still.


Heads up: The account grew quite rapidly over night, so it is not possible to shift the content from there to the HTC page. Also, the reason I created a seperate account is because I figured there was a different “brand” that HTC was going for. This can be classified as an HTC supported project, created by me.


To me the message of What the Tech is the same as the Humane Tech Community. And also I saw that the Humane Tech Community Instagram has no posts.


That’s exactly what I meant, think that’s a good model to work with.