VIDEO: Outsourcing our reality to social media platforms like Facebook.

I received a lot of emails from the article I shared here (and it made the front page of hacker news). So I decided to make a video about it. I hope you find it useful. And maybe if we’re lucky it spreads and people get to know the truth.

This is the first episode of a series I’m going to make on YouTube—like mini-documentaries. I hope you like them, I’m very excited… And I’d love to know what you think about these videos. Feedback is welcome :wink:


Hi @borja, I liked your video, it is very clear and trustworthy, because based on personal memories and experience plus scientific outcomes. Some minor points:

  • You, like me and almost every other latin person (mainly french, spanish. italian), have a quite strong accent when speaking in english, that sometimes requires a little extra effort to be understood. I suggest you to consider the option of putting english subtitles. I saw them even in videos made by english or US speakers.
  • I liked the idea of putting scenes from movies. Sometimes though, they are too short to be fully caught (i.e.: minute 8:33 - 8:37).
  • When you speak about other travellers being addicted to their phones and looking depressed, I would have liked some more evidence of that, like examples of posts on social media by some of them and then some footage about them instead living in their reality (abroad, lonely, with all their fears awakening inside). And maybe also some insight about why people that are strong and self-confident enough to undertake a solo-trip, then during the travel they feel so miserable and have this strong need to use social media to tell the fantastic story of their journey.

Good job!


Thank you @micheleminno. I really appreciate your comments.

Man, I catch a lot of shit for this. I try my best, but the accent won’t go away :smiley: The video has subtitles! Not forced, but you can choose the option. (I don’t like to force them–I think they can ruin the experience, or maybe my accent does who knows!)

Yeah I know… The reason is they’re copyrighted, so you can’t really include more than 4 seconds. The original idea I had was to have some original footing but I was just running out of time.

You’re totally right, but if I do that the video would be like 30 minutes long. Actually, it was 20 minutes long, but I had to cut it. That’s one of the main problems on YouTube, attention spans are short. But maybe I should just make a part 2 :slight_smile:


FYI, this article today seems totally appropriate here:

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Loved the clip and especially the use of appropriate movies to make the separate points.

Overall well made and convincing - excited about the full series.


Thank you @wexlerj! These comments really help to keep going.