Tristan and Jack Kornfield at Wisdom 2.0 - A New Paradigm of Technology

Tristan Harris at Wisdom 2.0 speaks on ‘A New Paradigm of Technology’


Thank you for sharing this, Susan, and also for (I think) recording this with your smartphone :slight_smile:

As you may know our HTC Community Team is in the process of reorganizing the community (hence the new Mission + Vision statements. See: Be a Builder ❤ Help Improve Wellbeing, Freedom and Society !), and as part of that we are in talks with CHT to define a really strong strategic relationship between community and center to make our efforts that much more effective and successful.

We will be delving deeper in new paradigms, like our own Pyramids of Humane Technology framework, and also - as a result and part of our partnering strategy - highlight much more of the activities of the CHT on this forum. To start this off I will create a topic with a wiki post where we can collect resources (articles and videos that were already published since the founding of the CHT). The videos can then be added to our HTC YouTube Channel (which is still empty right now).

Yes! I didn’t want to wait for the recording… I wanted the conversation immediately! It was the only thing I recorded though, and most of the time my phone was in my bag.