The BM Show: interviews and original content (videos and podcast)

A few weeks ago I asked on this forum who I should interview and I got great suggestions.

I’ve done a couple of interviews and I believe they’re great to spread awareness. And of course many of you might be interested in the topics I discuss.

I’m working on more interviews, so instead of just sharing them individually, I thought it would be great to create a thread and update it every time I release a new one.

If you find this post as just a way to self-promote myself, let me know and I’ll stop updating it. But I wholeheartedly believe these videos and podcast are great tools to spread awareness.

You’ll find below the title of each interview and links.

Note: there’s a podcast version. So in each one I’ll link the mp3 file, but if you want to listen to them in your favorite podcast app, here’s a web with all the links.

The BM Show:

  • The Future of DEMOCRACIES Depends on How We Deal with PRIVACY TODAY // Interview with Enrique Dans
    Video ( | YouTube) – Podcast

  • COMPUTATIONAL PROPAGANDA: Why Data Extraction Allows MANIPULATION // Interview with Marta Peirano
    Video ( | YouTube) – Podcast

  • ILLIBERALISM, Polarized Societies and Inner DICTATORSHIPS // a Conversation with Alessia Putin
    Video ( | YouTube) – Podcast

Original Content:

If you want me to interview someone or you just have an idea for a video, leave me a comment below and I’ll try to make it happen.


I suggest @DavidRyanPolgar! He would have interesting things to say. What you are doing is really awesome. I love your videos.

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Hi @borja, great interview with Marta Peirano, it was very insightful!
Connecting the dots between:

  • race between US and China to telecom infrastructure control in Europe and the rest of the world in general
  • austerity culture of liberalization of everything / no interest in education and social structures of last 20 years
  • privatization of the access to internet in third world countries
  • polarization of information, disinformation, breeding private groups on internet (i.e. Facebook groups) to let them fight for you for whatever campaign and purposes
  • encryption being turned over against us and our possibility to read and understand
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@borja, do you know about the list we’re compiling on GitHub?

If you want to add your podcasts, LMK.

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Thank you @micheleminno! I had a really good time talking with Marta.

@patm I didn’t know about that list. It would be awesome if you could add my links. I really appreciate it.

I’m working on a new interview, it should be ready in a few days.


@borja, I added your shows to the list, added podcasts to the issue title, and included a link to your YouTube channel. I’m not sure when this information will be transferred to the HTC website; will let @micheleminno and @aschrijver answer that.


I added it to the website resources page.

@micheleminno, can you check the time stamp? It’s incorrect.


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Thank you @micheleminno and @patm for your help.

I’ve just released another video called: Illiberalism, Polarized Societies and Inner Dictatorships // a Conversation with Alessia Putin (YouTube link coming soon)

I shared a panel in the European Parliament in Madrid with Alessia. She had really interesting points on why illiberalism is on the rise and what’s making it possible. So I decided to interview her right away.

I hope you enjoy it.


Great @borja, when you have all the links I’ll add it to the website.

Thanks @micheleminno! I’ll send it over soon.

I have released another video. This time it’s not an interview, but original content I’m starting to create. It’s called The Rise of Data Dictatorships. Here’s the YouTube link and I hope this video helps us to start off the kind of conversation we need to have.

By the way, I’m moving to London in a few months. If you know someone there I should interview, let me know.


Good luck with the moving to London! I keep suggesting you to interview Luciano Floridi once you are there…

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He’s on my list @micheleminno :slight_smile:

I made another video (all the links above) about the Digital Cold War. So far this is my favorite one, I hope you like it as much as I do. Watch it here: or YouTube.


@borja, you might consider interviewing Camilo Mora, a professor of geography at the Univ. of Hawaii. He coauthored a paper on the connection between bitcoin use and global warming.

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Thanks @patm, that study seems super interesting–I’m going to check it out. I’d love to make a video about it, but this topic is going out of my main theme. Let’s hope someone creates a video about this :slight_smile:

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Thank you, @borja. Did you see this comment? Perhaps the commenter is worth interviewing.