Testing the title of my upcoming book: Can you help me out?

I have a book coming out next month. I have a title and I believe it’s a good one, but since the deadline is getting closer I’m starting to get paranoid about it. So maybe you can help me out…

The current title is: Data Dictatorships: The Arms Race to Hack Humankind

Honestly I really like it, but do you think it’s better to change it for Digital Dictatorships?

What term do you prefer: Data Dictatorships or Digital Dictatorships?


I think you should definitely stick with ‘data dictatorship’ as it implies something that affects the real world, rather than just the digital realm as the other term seems to imply.

And the term is already coined, such as in this chilling Aspen Review article The Data Dictatorship.


Thanks @aschrijver. You’re probably right.

That’s definitely one of the reason I chose that term over digital dictatorships. I’ve heard both before, for example Yuval Noah Harari talks about digital dictatorships in his book. But in this case the term data is more accurate.

I guess when you dive deep into any idea you just question everything.

Either way, let’s see what other people think about this.


I like “Data Dictatorships” a lot!

Mixed on “Data Dictatorships: The Arms Race to Hack Humankind” mostly because of the violent cringeworthy connotation. I would assume from the title it’s a book that delves into the challenge but not necessarily one that offers hope or a direction :slight_smile: Which, might be what you’re going for. Reason I like it: Solicits a vivid and urgent framing of the challenge ahead.

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Agree, data is more specific. I like it better.

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Thank you @TRUTH and @yobo. This is the final cover, I hope you like it:


Data + Dictator = Dactator, trying to come up with a meaningful fusionword, but admit this sound akward

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