School Does Not Allow Alternate Web Browsers



Right now we are not in a position to lobby politically but educating districts yes definitely!!


I was thinking like a PTA organization of some kind already active!


I forgot my school computer at home yesterday, and man it was a disaster. I could not participate in like 4/6 of my classes and ended up behind on a lot of my work. I never realized how dependent I am on this device for education.


Yikes, a horror story.

In my office (I work at a university), you need your phone to log in to your email because of enhanced security measures. You choose between (1) having the email client (Google app for education) call you and (2) typing in a passcode sent to your phone.

At first this aggravated me several times a day, but people must have complained loudly. Now you only need it now and then. How the app decides when that is is a mystery, but it seems to me it’s a couple times a week.

I know that at ‘Iolani, a private school for grades K–12, students have been given ipads. A good friend of mine, one of the oldest and most highly respected teachers at the school, decries the intrusion of tech into education. As with my university, the head of the school is a tech person.