Privacy Alert: Fitbit is now Google, is now nasty ad-tech

Just a privacy heads-up to notify you privacy-aware folks of the following:

Google has acquired Fitbit

Fitbit is now part of Google, and thus they are now - apart from the vast amounts of personal information they already harvest from you - also in the business of collecting your biometrics data.

I would be concerned by this if I were an owner of a Fitbit wearable. Not only is the collected data gold for insurance and farmaceutical companies, but also wearing such device allows you to be location-tracked pervasively, even when you don’t have your smartphone around.

Hacker News discussions with interesting observations on this move by Google: is now privacy-eroding ad-tech

The search engine Startpage - which used to be a good alternative to Google Search - has been acquired by System1, an advertisement agency that is not known for its good practices.

I advise anyone using Startpage to switch to a different search engine. Personally I still use DuckDuckGo and quite happy with it.

Hacker News discussion on Startpage takeover:

Other privacy nightmares

Just some small mentions of other tech you may own that will in time destroy our collective privacy and will lead us to an Orwellian dystopic panopticon:

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