Plans for organizing Meetups and creating local chapters

Are there any guidelines to organising a local chapter for events on Time Well Spent?

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I am interested in this as well for the Seattle/Puget Sound area in Washington State, USA.

I just posted a topic about this, considering using to coordinate. Please post if interested?

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I’m looking to do this as well! I’m in Southwest Missouri but I’m wanting to start a chapter in St. Louis. Maybe through Washington University?

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Hi Gina, great that you want to start a meetup chapter! Did you know we already have more than 20 meetup groups? Unfortunately they are a bit fragmented, as each group was erected as independent initiative.

Our recent announcement of future plans includes action to change that. On our community website (under construction) there will be a dedicated section for each group and an aggregate calender to track and present events.

Furthermore there will be a common branding, coordinated activities (like Hackathons), promotion via our Awareness Program and the option for each group to have a separate home on the website e.g. at

Face-to-face meetups will be a great tool in our arsenal to create a tight-knit community, and to put forward most inspiration and creativity in the field of Humane Technology. We will be focusing on reporting back from meetup sessions, recording webinars for our social media channels, and exchange ideas in the community and between groups.

Besides this we will be looking at cooperating with to make this even better.

You can help us bring this about quicker, if you are interested?

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After our community reorganization we will start elaborating the Eventful ‘dogfooding’ campaign that about setting up our meetup and events activities in a structured, well-organized way. See the following information for more info:

As a parent of a young teenager addicted to screens, I see the value of having some sort of localized outreach program for schools to educate them. I am in Los Angeles and I will look into this. Any silicon beach members in the community? I know lots of moms that would probably want to help organize something like this. My time might be limited kicking it off, but should be initiated.

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We’ve been running events in London this year. Would any (potential) organisers be interested in a write up of those events and sharing of our materials?

Yes @fraser, I am organizing first meetup next week here in Czech Republic and it would be nice if you can share any kind of materials with us. Thanks!

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Hi @mehret, welcome! If you want you can introduce yourself here.