Parent With Teens at Wits End! How do we go backwards?



Here you go. It’s still being developed, though.


This is an excellent media plan. We have a resources page on our website ( that list some examples. Do you mind if I use yours too?


andrew. like you i am interested in quitting it all to get on board with this movement. our kids need help. email me at: dklein@ seq dot org I would be interested in just talking on the phone about what your are doing and chatting ideas. message me and lets connect!


@Mari this is because of the dopamine surge- it’s hard to manage at a young age. It takes discipline and that’s why this an uphill battle for these kids. If the candy store or cookie jar is open they will bite.


I think what it comes down to is adjusting teens’ habits (and parents’) with regards to how we use technology, but more importantly, how we engage and interact with one another. The basis is changing habits and relaying the importance of face-to-face interaction in areas such as active listening, empathy, awareness, and effective communication. In my work as a coach and a speaker, I do this specifically through theater and performance-based theory and exercises. Others, like @KulaMama, do this effectively through mindfulness and connecting with nature. Both, as can be shown in research, are very effective.

It’s essential to teach the importance of teens getting to know themselves as individuals while learning to connect with each other in genuine ways. Though teens are spending so much of their time on their screens, they are screaming for real, authentic connection and it’s up to us to get away from our own phones and provide those opportunities.



Will Mattei,

Great point! This is the basis of my work as a coach and a speaker. I use theater and performance theory and exercises to engage teens in a fun and interactive way while learning the importance of communication, connection, listening, and empathy. The trick is to not only get teens off of their phones, but to provide a healthy alternative that is going to convince them why being off their phones will be more rewarding in the moment and the long term.



I am passionate about this topic and have spent the last 5 years combating tech overuse in my own teenagers. I’m on a mission to address the “Inconvenient Truth” of this generation - it’s PARENTS, not technology or media companies are the only ones who can create lasting change. Check out my video tutorial here - I’d LOVE to know what this community thinks.


I am in the process of developing a course centered around teens and digital wellness to solve one of the many problems that our society is facing as it pertains to how we are using technology. I value the opinions of the people in this community, as we are all striving for a common goal through our own unique ways and perspectives.

I would love to hear your opinions on the type of course you are looking for. I currently have some prototypes in the following areas, based on past writings I have done on The Low Tech Trek:

  1. How To Engage with your Teen in the Digital Age

  2. How to Develop Meaningful, Familial Relationships in the Digital Age

  3. How To Curb Your Smartphone Addiction

  4. Minimize Screen Time for Increased Productivity

  5. How To Stop Living Through Social Media

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts! Please let me know if you have any suggestions in areas you think necessary.

All the best,


@PatMc thanks and amen. I think teaching our kids executive functioning skills without using technology is important. Dare I say paper calendars etc… and grocery lists. Teaching then to use their mind to organize life and not a device will give a choices as to whether to use a tech device to organize… maybe this is another topic but you reminded me of this.


Hi, I’m not exactly sure how to post here and I hope this improves the conversation, but I wanted to share a blog post I wrote after a talk from Jean Twenge, author of iGen. Also, I’d recommend a Parent-Child agreement about screens, and we have a template available on my site.


I love this tool! Hope everyone uses it!


PatMc. I’ve developed a course around similar topics, but I’m teaching parents how to teach their teens. I’d love to connect and compare notes, maybe there’s a way we can help each other. My course is at


As a teenager, one thing that really helps my family with this issue is using technology together. It may be something you want to try. We all play video games or watch videos all together so that we can remove the isolation that comes with individuals devices. It also helps facilitate human connection and allows us to interact over technology.