NY Times Launches a Privacy Project

The Times is also encouraging outside discussion and contribution to this project so am passing it along. Ciao for now.
NY Times Privacy Project Launch

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What hypocrites. They are at the forefront of invading people’s privacy themselves, I count 21 ad or surveillance (tracking) requests on just their home page. Yet their righteous article doesn’t ever mention their own ads or tracking.


Actually the New York Times Privacy Project is really valuable! Here are a few articles:

I found the following predictions in a follow-up article by expert Steve Andriole useful:
“Predictions: very few Americans will sacrifice the convenience of their digital toys for more privacy. Next to none will pay extra for what they now enjoy for free. Transparency regulations will be few and far between, and what few survive the highly-lobbied legislative process will have tiny teeth seldom used to punish offenders. The larger surveillance challenge will be addressed when the cost rises to levels that cannot be ignored, or to a level where the media declares privacy as a cause célèbre, which itself is a commentary about privacy. Said a little differently, privacy is now an essential component of 21st century business models and processes and a huge generator of profitable revenue. Profitable revenue, in turn, generates social, economic and political power which can be leveraged to manipulate privacy. If this process continues to evolve, surveillance will become a component of lots of digital business models, and therefore a direct path to profitability (while privacy becomes a threat – not to our personal freedoms – but to profitability). At that point even the media cannot derail surveillance. Or it goes the other (unlikely) way, and Americans accept the real cost of privacy.”

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In today’s digital world, when your every activity is tracked by your isp or by your government, there are many need these types of projects. However, I am a writer and writing in the field of security and privacy for the last 5 years for famous publications like Reviewsed to provide awareness of online privacy to netizens.