My first crowdfunding campaign: Privacy Inequality: The Documentary 2019

Many of you know that I’m working on a crowdfunding campaign. I’ve launched it and I just want to share it with you.

The idea is to raise money for a documentary about privacy, called: Privacy Inequality: The Documentary. I’ll use that money to interview experts around the world, and make it in a way so that we can spread awareness around a topic very few people talk about: the inequalities that come and will come with our current privacy standards.

I hope you like it. Here’s the link:

This is super hard to raise money for, especially when your goal is to release a free documentary, so any help will be welcomed. You don’t have to donate money, but sharing it with other people can make the difference.

By the way, if you have any suggestions please share them :slight_smile:

PS I’ll share with you in the future my experience creating a crowdfunding campaign, so you can learn from my mistakes if you decide to launch one :wink:


A very nice crowdfunding page, @borja!

I like the term ‘Privacy Inequality’ a lot. It is very actual too. Wealth inequality, but with a twist.

I started to become aware of privacy and data when the Chinese police kicked my door

Yes, China is the example where this is most prevalent and in your face at the moment, but what is happening there will spread, and is spreading all over the world.

“The Rise of the Social Credit System” where the one controlling the buttons, setting the rules that the algorithms work with. determine who is elite and who is not. And where dissent can be controlled with a press on a button.

There are some interesting articles on this forum that relate to this, for instance in Examples of what is coming to us in the near future

I hope your campaign will soar, @borja!

PS. To anyone reading, this is not part of Awareness Campaigns project, but it is in the exact same line of ideas.

PS2. You could post to Hacker News starting your title with ‘Show HN: [Your title]’ to attract attention. Best publish later in the day, when Silicon Valley starts to wake up. If you make it to the main page, you’ll get lotsa visits probably. You can post HN link here after posting, so we can upvote and help you with that.