Learn How You Can Participate in The Humanetech Translation Program

Most welcome to the community @vald_es and @AB9! Super, that you are volunteering. I’ll add you to the list :smiley:

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Yes, I’d like to participate! Spanish translation :wink:

Yay!! Fantastic :partying_face: I will add you to the list… welcom to HTC @ybcl

“Navigation and/or integration of the Weblate platform” may be can work for me? :slight_smile:

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Oh, that’s great Andrejs! I was thinking along the lines of every article having Translation links that will bootstrap the translation workflow.

Hi, I would love to volunteer to translate to Filipino :slight_smile:

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Splendid @sdorothygrace, I’ll put you on the list. Welcome to HTC :smiley:

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I’d like to volunteer as a translator to Italian :it:
(Also interested in writing blog posts when the time will come :smiley:)

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Molto grande, @maky :smiley: Welcome to the community!

i will be very happy to translate in Nepali language.


You rock, @biswa. Very nice!

I’d be happy to translate to Hebrew

Awesome @amitsetty! Great to have you in the community. Consider yourself added to the list of volunteers above :smiley:

Dear Humane Tech Program volunteers,

I have added all of you to the Translators group, which gives your avatar the Globe flair icon and title ‘humanetech-translator’ shows next to your username.

You can find the group in the top-right popup menu, under Groups. But here is the direct link: Humane Tech Translators.

Welcome :tada: :partying_face:

We will elaborate in more detail later on how to join the group, and how membership relates to the translation workflows.

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thank as @aschrijver. i will start soon as possible . i hope i will get your instructions whenever i need.


No problem. Things will go at their own pace. We are all very busy. I will continue updating here on the forum.

Hello there,
I’d like to get involved and help with the French translation. :slight_smile:

Wonderful :pray: Welcome to Humane Tech Community! I’ll put you on the list and into the Translators group.

Hey @aschrijver , I’m currently studying media management, which is why I’d really want to contribute to changing our tech-environment to the better. I could do english or german translations, if there’s still need for new members!

Sure there are! Thanks a lot, and welcome to HTC @careyvanreece. We still have a bunch of thing to do to set up the translation processes, so we haven’t started yet :slight_smile:

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