Learn How You Can Participate in The Humane Tech Translation Program

Oh, that’s great Andrejs! I was thinking along the lines of every article having Translation links that will bootstrap the translation workflow.

Hi, I would love to volunteer to translate to Filipino :slight_smile:

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Splendid @sdorothygrace, I’ll put you on the list. Welcome to HTC :smiley:

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I’d like to volunteer as a translator to Italian :it:
(Also interested in writing blog posts when the time will come :smiley:)

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Molto grande, @maky :smiley: Welcome to the community!

i will be very happy to translate in Nepali language.


You rock, @biswa. Very nice!

I’d be happy to translate to Hebrew

Awesome @amitsetty! Great to have you in the community. Consider yourself added to the list of volunteers above :smiley:

Dear Humane Tech Program volunteers,

I have added all of you to the Translators group, which gives your avatar the Globe flair icon and title ‘humanetech-translator’ shows next to your username.

You can find the group in the top-right popup menu, under Groups. But here is the direct link: Humane Tech Translators.

Welcome :tada: :partying_face:

We will elaborate in more detail later on how to join the group, and how membership relates to the translation workflows.

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thank as @aschrijver. i will start soon as possible . i hope i will get your instructions whenever i need.


No problem. Things will go at their own pace. We are all very busy. I will continue updating here on the forum.

Hello there,
I’d like to get involved and help with the French translation. :slight_smile:

Wonderful :pray: Welcome to Humane Tech Community! I’ll put you on the list and into the Translators group.

Hey @aschrijver , I’m currently studying media management, which is why I’d really want to contribute to changing our tech-environment to the better. I could do english or german translations, if there’s still need for new members!

Sure there are! Thanks a lot, and welcome to HTC @careyvanreece. We still have a bunch of thing to do to set up the translation processes, so we haven’t started yet :slight_smile:

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I would love to help in translating to norwegian.

Cheers from sunny Oslo!

  • Karl
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That is great, Karl, and welcome to HTC. I will add you to the @translators group. Note that the translation project has been stalled for a bit, because I’ve been spread thin over the other places where I volunteer my time, and there were no others available to help doing preparation work.

In one such project for the Fediverse I created a site based on the theme template we selected earlier and that can be forked to become our translation website. That website - still in draft - is called Fedi Foundation

I will update Help Redesign HTC Website for Humanetech Translation Program and ask for specific help in preparing this fork, and also rename the project to Humane Tech Translation Program, so the acronym is HTTP (which fits the logo design :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: )

Hello, I’m Sandy.
I would like to contribute to translate the project in Indonesian <3.

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Lovely, Sandy! Welcome to Humane Tech Community :smiley:

I will add you to the Humane Tech Translators group as well.