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Hello! Oscar, 24, born and living in northern Italy.

When I graduated in Media Design, my aspirations were not aligned with my current values. I’m lucky to have had the time and space to question myself and, although I’m way far from having it all figured out, I’m eager to start my very own life.

I feel it’s my responsibility to try to be a good human being.

I’d like to land a job that cherishes humane values and aims to steer technology in a better direction. That’s why I’m putting my savings on a coding bootcamp; I hope training as a developer will grant me some degree of flexibility in the process of looking for my ideal job.

Happy to be here, wish you all a great 2019!


Hello y’all. My name is Siddhi Upadhyaya. I am a high school senior from the Bay Area. I love math and programming, and have been an advocate for STEM subjects and project based learning for four years. The reason my interest in this movement developed is because I started to realize how much data companies are collecting on people, and how unaware kids in my age group are of this issue. I am very open to public speaking and want to create a way to engage Digital Natives in realizing they can take control back from tech companies. I understand both the “parent” and “teenager” sides of the debate on how much technology is too much, and want to help bridge the gap!


Hi all,

My name is Marek Bednarik and I am a Slovakian guy living in Czech Republic in Brno / South Moravia region. I have spent some times in Netherlands and in USA during my work career.
My professional background is industrial automation / controls / electrical systems engineering and I have participated on green field project in Slovakia and Czech Republic led by big international corporate. I was never member of any social network, somehow I intuitively felt that it is not a good idea even when I was forced heavily many times and from many sides. But I do have some personal experiences with online distractions and its negative impact on mindfulness and focus. I think social media and new technologies generally have a lot of great features and not use them at all is not a solution. Maybe I do not have perfect background but I believe I will find a way how to fit and be useful. I like learning and self development and I think this is a great platform to apply these aspirations.

I think this is a great and needed initiative as we have to learn ourselves how wisely use these new powerful technologies. Especially if development of new things is so fast we have to stop, calm down and think about consequences, set up appropriate rules and policies in order to do not destroy ourselves and our vulnerable descendants. AI, VR and other disruptive things are here and they will be much more persuasive as social media, phones and browsers. Any kind of power without knowing how to use it properly and safely is destructive by its nature. And it is not just fire anymore…as fire can destroy and burn out a house, village, area etc. but not whole planet and if so it will take a while so we can react somehow… Upcoming (and current as well) technologies have this ability (destroy whole civilization, silently and gradually), so I prefer to learn ourselves how to use it properly before is too late. I am so glad that there is so many enlightened people who wants to provide a realistic solution.

So my intention is to help community, develop myself (as there is a lot of great and inspirative people in this platform) and bring this initiative to Central Europe region as majority of population does not speak English.

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I welcome my best friend @satwik163 to the community. Satwik, please introduce yourself here when you get the chance.


Thanks for sharing @Byron. It takes courage to open up and share your story like you did.


@Byron Thank you for sharing your story. This is a unique and new perspective on digital media that I have not encountered before. Looking forward to hearing more from both of you.:blush:



Hello, you amazing people.

My name is Callum Kearney, and I work on understanding the mental health impact of this movement on society.

I attended Wisdom 2.0 and was lucky to be part of a spontaneous breakout session

I work at Tidy Minds, and we are a co-operative of scientists, creatives, and writers, working to further the mission of Time Well Spent by specifically focussing on research intelligence, consulting to the media, and building out a nonprofit publication to document this incredible movement towards replenishing society.

Please reach out to me directly on if you are interested in:

  1. Contributing to the publication
  2. If you need to be armed with more research/information to help progress this movement in your organisation and projects
  3. Wanting a destination to tell your story, and impact that you’re having

Stay inspired, the tide is turning.



I have just finished reading through 473 fascinating introductions! My name is Farley Duvall and I am another person concerned about privacy and the Surveillance Economy that Shoshona Zuboff and Roger McNamee have been writing about.

Ironically, I grew up in Menlo Park (HQ of Facebook!) and watched tech transform the Bay Area. Studied at Cal Berkeley, and spent two decades working with large and small tech firms before moving to Europe and launching my own advisory firm. I have been an early adopter of all things tech! Hardware/software/services… After moving to Europe, Facebook became a great tool for keeping in touch with friends and family. We ran our business on Google platforms; Gmail, Docs, GoogleVoice… the list goes on and on. More than 10 yrs ago, I starting hearing that if you aren’t paying for it, then YOU are the product. But I didn’t yet conflate FREE with my privacy! It was too easy to say, “What do I have to hide…” But a few years ago, I did figure out that if “nothing to hide" is my answer, then I was asking myself the wrong questions about what privacy, and more specifically MY privacy means.

In fact, in 2017 I became so concerned that I joined a company that has created a privacy platform, . I hope it is ok to mention this in my introduction!

We are always looking for like-minded people to talk about apps like the Brave Browser, DuckDuckGo, Qwant… And we hope Idka can be mentioned in the same discussions, as there are not enough social or collaboration networks that have been built with privacy as a fundamental principle.

Feel free to contact me if you would like more information. We/Idka want to be part of the privacy revolution! or farley @


Hey, I’m Brian and like many others here I come from the tech world. Spent past 7 years designing and building software for startups and large corporations. Several things coincided that led me to “waking up”, one of which was seeing a close friend’s mental health deteriorate so publicly on social media. Unfortunately, we were all too late and it led to her psychotic break.

Still, I’m an optimist and believe, given the right incentives, technology can be more closely aligned with human values. Recently, I’ve been taking inspiration from Joe Edelman’s work w/ Human Systems:

At the moment, I’m interested in how we can leverage art and technology to cultivate greater states of mindfulness. One less confused person in the world, is one less confused person in the world.

Given the nascent stage of where we’re at with this movement, I think our highest impact opportunity lies in education to increase awareness of the harms in technology.


Hi! I’m also a mom of two. I would love to hear more from you about how you are handling tech in your kids schools.


HI, everyone! My name is Becca and I live in Central California, far enough away from Silicon Valley not to be part of it, but as a state we are certainly influenced by the tech industry. I am interested in the varied responses and information from all the tech people here!

I worked in the medical field before I became a mom. My primary concern is the overwhelming tech in schools, especially the 1:1 programs aimed at younger and younger children and the overall well-being of our children at the expense of tech and academic progress. I find it disturbing and, frankly, repellent to go into a classroom and see kids with headphones on staring at a screen like zombies.

I am not alone, but it can feel that way. We just need to be a bit louder : )


Hi @becks! I am a student in California. I agree with everything you are saying. It feels like teachers’ inadequate training and resources are swept under the rug of technology. It is time to speak up and change something, which is exactly what you are doing and it’s awesome!


Hello everyone!

My name is David Ryan Polgar. Scrolling through the long list of people, I see a bunch of familiar names and excited to be part of the community. I run an organization called All Tech Is Human that is based in NYC. We held an ethical tech summit last October, and have upcoming gatherings in Seattle (May 18), San Fran (Sept 21), and NYC (Nov 9). The aim to unite a broad and inclusive group of technologists, advocates, artists, academics, students, org leaders, and other interested parties to tackle the thorniest issues facing tech (attention economy, algorithmic bias, inclusive design, wellbeing).

I’ve been in the tech ethics space since about 2012 (background as an attorney + college prof), so it has been thrilling to see such a dramatic shift in thinking. I have experience that crossing into academia, industry, orgs, media, and general “thought leadership,” so I have a pretty broad 360 perspective. Over the years I have worked with the Center for Internet and Technology Addiction (with Dr. David Greenfield, who pioneered the field in the 90s), founded a conference called the Digital Citizenship Summit (held at Twitter HQ a few days before the US election & talking about media literacy…), writing, speaking, consulting. I am a board member for the CA non-profit #ICANHELP, which empowers teens to delete negativity online, along with a few other groups focused on social media and mental wellbeing.

Outside of All Tech Is Human, a podcast/live show I do called Funny as Tech (where we deal with tech ethics…inside a comedy theater), and consulting/speaking, I am always looking to connect and collaborate. Please reach out!


Hi David, sounds all very impressive :blush:

Great to see you as part of this community, and I’ve immediately subscribed to the podcast… Humor is a very important means of opening up discourse, one we often overlook as a means to effectively address and deal with ‘the big things’ such as the topics we are focusing on here.


Some great introductions you all made, and I am sooo happy to have you all in our group. Exciting times ahead :smiley:


Hi All. I’m Gokulakrishna. You can call me Gokul to address in short form :slight_smile: I’m from India. I’m @gkrishnaks on other online accounts. Glad to be here in this community and look forward to contributing!
Pronouns : he/him.


Hi. I’m Leslie and have been working as a librarian/information professional for nearly 26 years. I have been a witness to the “digital divide” which, I believe falls into the category of humane technology. I have seen children, teens and adults virtually addicted to their devices. I myself went through a period where I spent a lot of money on an online game (live and learn) and I do not have addictive tendencies. I believe modern technology preys on the loneliness of individuals who will do anything to stay connected–somehow. The breakdown of community and family has been documented in books such as “Bowling Alone”, which was written a while back but is more relevant today. I am not a “tech” person but need to advise and troubleshoot at work. I am concerned about the misuse of AI and find a Google-controlled home frightening. OK, so I do ask Alexa for the weather forecast and music once in a while. I want to hear what more technologically oriented folks think the solutions to these issues and how to make technology a tool only, not a terrible manufactured need.


Hi Leslie! Welcome! I had a period where I got addicted to Instagram. It is commendable that you recognize the faults in technology and want to change things. Our Reconnect Project may interest you!


Hi, I’m a late bloomer.
My name is Ryan. My wife and I own a modestly successful Interior Design business but you wouldn’t want me decorating your home. I’m responsible for the back-office stuff, like marketing (which I love) and accounting (which I hate.) She does all the pretty stuff.
I think a lot of late bloomers are idealists, skeptics, dreamers, and, basically, lazy. As a result, they’ve got serious trust issues, an area where I’ve earned a six-degree black belt. Got a picture of me, yet?
As if that weren’t enough, I’m a patriot. I don’t carry a gun in every pocket or have a flag and six bumper stickers on my car but my greatest heroes are the founding fathers, whom I admire warts and all. I think they were radical social entrepreneurs who risked their lives for principles that occupy the position in our society next to “Urban Myths.” Like the FFs, I believe the greatest threat to democracy is ignorance, and there is a whole lot of that going around right now. (queue Talking Heads: Once in a Lifetime)
My current extracurricular projects include: an essay, “Everyone is a Victim,” on why the public lynching of Harvey Weinstein on social media stripped him of the right of the presumption of innocence and the moral implications for our society; a strategy for combating the obesity epidemic that features a movie script and the Department of Health and Human Services rolling out a new mascot, the Grim Reaper (It could work–look what Smokey the Bear did for forest fires!); and working on my marriage–did I mention my wife and I work together!