I'm starting to interview people. Who do you think I should interview?

After several months talking about making some interviews to experts, I’ve finally released the first one. I’m so happy with the experience that I want to keep making them.

What I want to do with these videos is to start the conversation we need to start having.

The main constraint I have right now is that I’m currently living in Madrid, so there aren’t many experts around here. Nevertheless, I’m considering traveling to other countries to run these interviews.

Who do you think I should interview? And what topics do you want me to cover?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. And any suggestions are welcome.

You can check my first video in the link below. It’s called: The Future of DEMOCRACIES Depends on How We Deal with PRIVACY TODAY // Interview with Enrique Dans

-youtube link-


Perfect video Borja! My congratulations, good contents and very nice montage. I provided some small constructive feedback on LinkedIn.


If others, and you, are alright with it, if you could provide a small “trailer” style edit I could put it on Instagram to draw attention to it. Maybe that is not the route you want to go, but a thought.


Great initiative, @borja! I think you should interview him:


Thanks @borja , my suggestion: can you also post your videos in https://archive.org ?

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Thanks @borja! I was very moved by this outstanding video. Enrique Dans thank you as well if you are reading this for your uncommonly impeccable wisdom.

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Very nice and professional.

With respect to your question: what is the subject matter that you’re looking to interview experts on? Privacy? Or something broader than that?

Yes, a wonderful video, which I just shared on our MeWe page. These three c-terms stood out for me: commitment, critical thinking, context.

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Maybe you could interview David Ryan Polger?

Thank you all for your kind words. I’m glad you liked the video.

@sidnya Sure, here’s a link with an intro. Feel free to share it (and thanks!)

Video link: https://archive.org/details/20190403-intro-TheFutureOfDEMOCRACIESDependsOnHowWeDealWithPRIVACYTODAY

Thank you @micheleminno. I’ll reach out to him soon. I’m planning to go to Oxford soon, so I hope I can interview him there.

@gkrishnaks Here’s the archive link: https://archive.org/details/20190403TheFutureOfDEMOCRACIESDependsOnHowWeDealWithPRIVACYTODAYInterviewWithEnriqueDansByBorjaMoya

@Mndctrl I always talk about privacy because I believe it’s the key that unlocks the 21st century. But I’m interested in how and why democracies die today. So it involves privacy, data collection, AI, humane tech, information warfare, etc.

Thanks for sharing it @patm

Thanks @sidnya, I’ll add David Ryan Polger to my NY’s list