Humane Tech Community was selected for Mozilla Open Leaders program

We are very happy to announce to you all that our community was accepted by Mozilla Foundation to join the Open Leaders program, that provides a 14 week mentorship and training in community building, working in the open and internet health practices.

Here is the announcement:

And our training program is here:

If you are curious which other participants have joined (among which we foresee there are many potential partners and cooperators for HTC), you can check this Github repository:

We (the Community Team with @patm, @healthyswimmer, @micheleminno and me) have held the first introductory with our mentor yesterday, and she is a member of our community. Proud to present: Jona Azizaj or @jonatoni !


My Vision Stand preparation notes

As part of the Cohort B meeting of Week 6 I used Mozilla’s guidance document for the Vision Stand presenation and feedback sessions and prepared these answers to the orientation questions:


What we plan to create as community leaders in the next 10 months

The next 10 months we will be building a comprehensive community organization for the Humane Tech Community (HTC) that is based on our new Mission and Vision and built around the concept of ‘The Pyramids of Humane Technology’: Our strategic framework that helps make the huge subject area of Humane Technology manageable and scalable for the broad member base and audience that we serve.

The organization structure is based on a community website, a discussion forum, a github organization with multiple repositories for our crowdsourced community projects and a set of social media channels.

Our activities will be divided into programs, starting with an Awareness Program, Solutions Program and Partnership Program. The foundations of these programs will be well laid out, and at least the CHT partner relationship is well-defined, i.e. the relationship between our community and The Center for Humane Technology.

The vision of what will be so, if we are successful in our work

The preparation in these 10 months will lead to a HTC that is uniquely positioned to be a central hub, a communication intermediary, for all meaningful innovation in the emerging field of Humane Technology.

Our marketing, promotion and PR efforts, and the relationship to CHT will ensure that we become a primary source for anyone who searches for information in any of the important subject areas that are covered by Humane Technology, from where they can drill-down deeper.

At this stage we should offer an archive of invaluable information and have a very attractive story to tell our visitors. One that attracts and entices many people to actively cooperate and participate in our activities. Our positive and optimistic approach and the philosophy of contributing being fun and rewarding is instrumental in that.

Finally, if we indeed reached the level of success outlined here, we’ll be able to make an informed decision on whether (and how) we can become an incorporated community that is funded and may even have employees working at the community’s core.


What will be so in 5/10/20 years time? What is your overall BIG vision?

Humane Technology will no longer be a term that needs explanation. Instead humane technology will be the norm and its application will be common practice, just like product design, UX, testing, etc. Our community will be authoritative and leading in this field, and many of our members will be recognized experts of Humane Technology.

Why is this important to you? What is in it for you? For others?

We are at a point in time where the Harms of Technology pose serious threats to human development and the future of mankind. The growing problems that are inherent in current technology innovation need to be urgently addressed to make sure that technology will serve people in the future and that we are not subjugated to it instead. This in itself is already a huge motivation to get involved in our cause.

But other than that we all know that modern technology holds enormous promises to humanity, if applied correctly. Technology can stimulate human flourishing and make humanity thrive. By giving rise to positive technology trends, lending a helping hand in our community, enormous rewards can be gained for our members who will be explorers and early adopters of new and exciting insights. The rewards that one reaps are different for any member and depends on personal ambition, creativity and co-creation with many other inspring people.

What are 2-3 key activities or critical points we should know about your vision?

The most important thing is that not acting now and with urgency will most probably lead humanity to a very dark place. This is not only true for participation in the Humane Tech Community but applies universally. Our community is merely one of thousands of other worthwhile initiatives. We are building pyramids - The Pyramids of Humane Technology - and our community is but one team of many cooperating other teams. Only with concerted effort and true spirit of cooperation will we be truly successful in the long run.

What is the difference your vision will make for you, your community, (the world)?

Our vision offers a positive path forward. A path onwards that we can tread with optimism instead of the dread of doom and gloom that is the ‘motivating’ factor of many other like-minded initiatives. An approach that will lead us towards a bright future.

Be a Builder ❤ Help Improve Wellbeing, Freedom and Society !


Do we want to invite the membership to the MOL graduation?

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Yes, we do, Pat. Yesterday I already added the mozsprint label to the Community Hub repo, but we should add that label also to a bunch of our issues, so people can take that up.

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