How to Build a Mindful Phone

I have an iphone6s that I bought new its 32gb pretty nice. The used iphone6 was dead in a month dead battery. So the new phone I am very pleased with it. The form factor is still small and I have been loving two features I have found:

  1. Bedtime
  2. Do not disturb

You can tell the phone when you want to be asleep and it make everything silent and dims the screen. Then during do not disturb it makes it so you can only call 911 no other apps or use can be done until wake up time. That has really helped me I find myself wanting to check notifications and the phone is like go to sleep idiot.

Also the screen time app that measures the use is very cool.

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If your iPhone won’t ring, it may be a volume or settings issue that can be easily resolved. You should first try fixes like checking the volume and turning off Focus, Do Not Disturb, or Silent mode. Consider restarting your phone or having it serviced as a final step to fix your iPhone.