Help build our Community Hub and publish your own Blog entries!

Dear members and readers,

We are reorganizing our community to have it align to our new Mission and Vision that presents The Pyramids of Humane Technology. I you haven’t done so, then read the announcement here: Be a Builder ❤ Help Improve Wellbeing, Freedom and Society !

As part of this we have changed the forum structure to reflect the Pyramids breakdown structure. See and this Github issue. Most of the work is done, though there are many topics that are not yet in the correct categories. We will fix that gradually as we encounter them.

Do you like the new forum structure? We’d love :heart: to hear your reaction. Just add your post to the Feedback category.

As part of the reorganisation we also rebooted our community website…

Check our brand new Community Hub

We are still actively building the website, and you can help!

As we find it very important to work in the open, the entire website is open-source (available in this Github repository) including all content (published under a Free Culture License). The site contains no trackers or Ads, of course (but it is hosted on Github Pages, who track some technical data and logs).

The site is still very empty of actual content. There is only one blog post and a Join Us page, but we are working on providing documentation for all our subject areas, have a People Directory where you can present yourself, a My Stories section for your experiences with Humane Technology, an About page where we’ll present our member teams, and Activities page for drilldown to everything we do at HTC, and of course lists to the the best Resources on Humane Technology that we know of.

If you are slightly technical you can help build the site itself (it runs on Jekyll + Python). Look at the issue tracker and on the MVP Project Board to see where you can jump in. Or just respond in this topic.

Not technical? No worries. It is very easy to write your own blog post. You can do that right on this forum, and we’ll all help review and improve it before it is published. And then we will promote it using our social media channels

How can I publish my own Blog post on the Community Hub?

This is very simple. The website uses the same Markdown syntax that this forum uses as well. You can write your text in a new forum topic and we will help you along. Here’s the procedure:

  1. Create a new topic in the ‘Awareness program’ category.

  2. Use as title “Blog post: [Your proposed blog title]”.

  3. Write a short summary of the subject and other things you want to address in the blog post.

  4. Optionally some discussion ensues on the topic with tips and feedback to refine the article

  5. Now you just write, and you can use all the formatting of the forum and other Markdown syntax.

    • The markdown is automatically transformed to HTML when we move it to the community hub.
    • Use this Markdown tutorial to see other markdown syntax you can use for formatting.
    • Include images as much as you like (but note licensing issues, and where you got them from)
  6. Signal when ready and we help you to transfer the text to the website

All your work is attributed to you and has your name to it (unless you want to stay anonymous, of course). You are the copyright owner (the license is CC-BY).

You can find more detailed documentation in the Community Hub github repository:

So, interesting, right? Become a Humane Tech influencer? Now is the time to start.

PS. Our work coincides with the Center for Humane Technology also ramping up to go public with their own strategic Roadmap. They will have a big event on the 23rd of April that is livestreamed. Be quick and benefit from the extra exposure this can give your blog post or other Community Hub contributions.


Community Hub Activities and Resources pages

Help find the items that according to you should be present in the Activities and Resources pages of the Community Hub.

  • Activities will contain:

    • List all ongoing projects at HTC
    • New ideas of projects/activities
  • Resources will contain:

    • References to important / most relevant external organizations
    • List of most relevant articles, research papers, etc.
    • List of most relevant books
    • List of ‘Our Stories’ with links to some representative (tech, parent, younger generation, law/policy, etc.) forum member bio introductions excerpt

Add your ideas here: Contributions sought for Activities and Resources pages in the new HTC website


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Hello! My name is Henry, I’d like to help build! I’ve been following the CHT for a while and I’m excited about all the activity lately. I’m a software engineer in SF, hoping I can help with the technical side. I’ve cloned the repo and got it running locally, looking for somewhere to jump in. I was thinking either here or perhaps I could contribute some documentation like a quickstart guide for new developers? Let me know what’s the best way for me to start helping!

PS do we have anything for more direct messaging, like slack or discord?


Great! Welcome on board, Henry! I was just closing the github project for the MVP. We will create a number of projects for different web sections. Please have a look at the Issue Tracker and comment where you think you wanna start.

We do not have a slack, gitter or discord at the moment.

The quickstart guide would be great! We have many members that are unfamiliar with Github. There is an issue that refers to that too.


Hi Henry,
Great to have you onboard.

Wow, you downloaded the GitHub. Fantastic.

May I suggest looking at these following potentially quick “html spacing” fixes?



Hi there! Would love to help, though I’m not a professional programmer, but I am a UX architect. You think it could help you guys? Perhaps some content work?

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Hi @davida, sure, please have a look at our issues about the website!
Or you can check the website from a UX perspective and add new ones (I can add you as an external collaborator on github if you want).

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