Happy to lead efforts in Hong Kong

Not sure how to reach your team. Have been thinking for more than a year to start a NGO focused on exposing the hazards of uncontrolled technology innovation. Not many NGOs doing that and found yours thru research.

Please contact me to advise if you could consider a partnership with someone who spent 20 years in Hong Kong and is shocked to the core to see EVERY SINGLE HUMAN BEING stuck to his mobile phone screen. My plans: reach out to authoritative leaders including psychologists on why technology as it is is destroying the human fabric. No response, I’ll go alone.

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Hi @anon51879794, welcome to our community. We are happy to have you here :slight_smile:

I am a community facilitator on this forum, volunteering and not directly affiliated to the organisation. If you want to contact the founders (the core team) you best fill in the contact form on humanetech.com. Note however, that they are incredibly busy, being just a small team, and very successful in lobbying politicians and corporates on humane tech topics. As a result of this they have not been able to dedicate their time to the community, as originally planned, As a result the community and organization are more or less separate entities, though they may be brought together in future.

But here on the forum we are open to work with you. We are slowly evolving and having plans for a bunch of projects. This forum is a great channel to discuss humane tech topics, and the information provided here - even while getting older - is waiting to be picked up in further initiatives.

I invite you to join the discussions here, and share with us your specific concerns and plans related to Hong Kong. We are here to help you. I can imagine that some these issues are especially pressing with the far-reaching plans of the Chinese government related to smartphones and social media (social credit, etc.)

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Thanks for your kind and informative reply. As per your suggestion, I reached out to the core team; however I am more than happy to get involved as part of the community.

Among other important topics such as privacy, I am really concerned with smartphone and social media addictions.

I can only imagine that some members of the community must be engaged in related initiatives, and I would be happy to get in touch and trade ideas on how to tackle the issue.

Would you be kind enough to let me know whom I should approach within the community?


I would advise you to create a new topic in the forum, if you have specific ideas, or want to start a new initiative. Otherwise you could use the Search function to look for past topics on these subjects and find the people most interested in those fields. We also had a poll some time ago querying who was willing to contribute more of their time in helping the community evolve: Poll: Which Humane Tech topics would you like to spend your time on?

It is best if we have our discussions in public, out in the open, rather than send private messages, so that everyone is in the loop and anyone can contribute.

Hello @aschrijver

Just created a new thread about the videos project. Happy if you could join in!

Producing short dramatic videos to raise awareness

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